Block chain, time travel and space

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The block chain with the universe, time travel together, is really the brain hole wide open. It may not bring you return on investment, and even some kind of show slightly far fetched, but it can open your curiosity, let you have a new perspective on the block chain.

When we put the universe into the most simple form, it is just the time, space, matter and energy. From this perspective, the block chain and the universe has a lot of similarities.

The first law of thermodynamics and the chain block

Our universe is very complex, can have a million ways to analysis. But if we want to use the most simple way to deconstruct the universe, we can sum up in one sentence:

The material and energy constitute everything that exists.”

 Block chain, time travel and space

Humans, planets and stars are composed of material and energy. They are trying to accumulate more material and energy. Biological get energy from food, in order to survive; the gravitational field of the sun to attract more material in the universe for energy for growth.

So, what does this have to do with the blockchain? Ethernet square as an example to illustrate.

First of all, ether is a square block chain within the etheric universe of assets, which makes the network have a real value. With the material and energy to give us the true value of the universe is similar, which makes the universe become exciting, rather than empty large space. Mining, token release, and even some fraud project is to obtain more ether. It is very important to running the blockchain, everyone hopes to get more.

With this relationship, you can analogy, if the block chain is a universe, then, ether is the material and energy . However, when you consider the reality of our universe and universe block chain differences, things will change.

Law of the first law of thermodynamics in control of the universe we live. Basically, it provides energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

The etheric Fang no such law.

Ether exists in this universe by mining, every 17-18 seconds will appear 3 ether, they will enter the etheric square accounts. This is the general rule of the etheric Fang blockchain.

This is just a block chain rule. The design of block chain has many different ways. It can be designed into native token can neither be created nor destroyed. This is similar to the universe that we live in. Block or chain can burn tokens, this is similar to the destruction of the material.

PoS and gravitation

Gravitation can be regarded as a PoS model similar to the block in the chain. The main return mechanism of the PoS model is a personal owned share based on native token. You have to share more, you get more reward. This is a new way to produce token, which is the future direction of the etheric fang. With the Casper update, they will gradually transfer from PoW.

Gravitation in the universe is similar to the PoS mode of operation. In the role of gravity, the more close to the particles together, the greater the gravitational. This leads to more particles are attracted to the gravity field toward the object of.

The second law of thermodynamics and etheric Fang account

The second law of thermodynamics that the total entropy of a closed system will not diminish with time.

If you heard “you can’t leak spilled milk”, which is basically the second law says. The material and energy spread in the universe, the universe leads to increasing entropy.

So, what does this have to do with milk? Well, when you spilled milk, it will stay in the desktop and on the floor, and then there is no way to put the milk back all the glasses. This is what is behind the idea of entropy. When it is still stay in the glass, the entropy of the system is low, all the milk in the glass is not moving. Once the overflow, it may not all the way back to the glass, and can not return to the state before. Some of the milk is absorbed and the floor, when you try to put the milk back on, other particles with milk mixed together and so on, there will be countless situations.

 Block chain, time travel and space

A lot of entropy

With these basic knowledge, we put the milk as energy and material floating in the universe. Then, once you have the whole universe as a closed system, you can imagine, with the expansion of the universe, matter and energy spillover in all different direction. In this continues, and as it happens, we are increasing the entropy of the universe.

Now imagine that the big bang theory, that moment when the universe was created all the matter is created, entropy is the lowest.

Let’s take a look at the etheric square block creation. This time the blockchain account number. While the number of accounts today Ethernet over 2500 000 square (5000, currently close to multiple independent address, and the number is still increasing). From this perspective, you can say, Ethernet square has been increasing the entropy of the universe. Because each transaction is recorded in the block on the chain, no way to reduce those who have ether account. (see also is unable to eliminate, tampering with these accounts, because the account has its own transaction history.

Thus, we concluded that the two increase in the entropy of the universe. In our universe, expansion, material and energy movement of the universe to fill the new space. In the etheric Fang in the universe, it is available for the account to achieve expansion, and diffusion through ether account.

This leads to the following conclusion: Ethernet plays with the space square accounts a similar role in the universe. The etheric Fang account ether, storage space as material and energy. If there is no Ethernet Fang’s account, ether will not exist, it cannot exist without space material.

The heat death of the universe and the blockchain gas dead

The heat death of the universe and set people thinking, it is difficult to understand, here we will be as simple as possible to explain. Basically speaking, the universe has been expanding, it will eventually reach very far and scattered, so that no energy can move. This time, get the maximum entropy of the universe.

In order to understand, we can imagine, in the dark room, a closed 10*10, everywhere white gas injection. Gas began to spread and filled the room. Eventually all the gas diffusion and precipitation. Once it is precipitation, without any movement or change. This time, it reached the highest possible entropy. If there is no other interference, this is always the way room.

We know that the number of accounts to the etheric Fang continues to increase. Thus, you can imagine, ultimately, the number of account ether Ethernet workshop is very high, so that no one to trade. Block chain chain block will fall into the universe of gas dead scene.

Of course, the heat death and gas dead are very distant thing. However, research on the complex system under extreme conditions is very interesting. The largest observed complex system can reveal new ideas, and these ideas in the observation of small details is not obvious.

Block and time

Time runs only in one direction, it just forward. The material and energy can be in different directions with positive and negative values and transformation. All things in our universe must abide by these rules.

Time properties and other cosmological constant and law together, let the world can keep stable and orderly. These are the key requirements. From our tiny human beings perspective, it is difficult to realize, if any cosmological constant change, our world will be destroyed completely.

For example, if gravity suddenly increased 50% what will happen? There is confusion. Not all of us are more difficult to walk, but the entire solar system will become unbalanced, somewhere on earth may into space, and is no longer habitable planet.

This will be very bad.

Fortunately, the time is to keep the universe development of adhesives. We have no reason to believe that this will change soon.

So, what is the relationship between it with block chain?

 Block chain, time travel and space

Time must go, otherwise the consistency of our universe will begin to fall apart

Well, the etheric Fang using block holding time forward, considering each ether in each account.

Ethernet square block chain every 17 seconds or so to create a new block. (Translation: general average is every 13-17 seconds, 15 seconds) the update of each ether transaction between each etheric Fang account, and make sure that there is no double situation. The time factor is very important, there is no way to reverse time block chain. Because if you can reverse the transaction, then, the whole system security will be threatened.

However, as everyone knows is that there is a chain block is difficult to solve the vulnerability to attack 51%. In simple terms, more than 51% of the calculated force decided not by conventional mining consensus, but according to their own interests to forge the transaction did not occur.

Think this is a real possibility is terrible. But the beauty of this loophole is that if it happens, the network attack will lose all of its reliability and effectiveness, which will make the currency price collapse. This is the clever genius idea, because the attacker is difficult to seriously consider network attack. Even so, must also prevent 51% attacks at all costs, because it will break the blockchain rule.

Time travel and 51% attacks

Time travel is the mysteries of the universe. We are not even close to it, but we have raised the possibility in theory.

The negative effects of time travel is often overlooked. If it can happen, it will cause the complete destruction of our universe. If we can freely back and forth for time travel, we will begin to unravel the laws of the universe, similar to the blockchain 51% attack, caused by the block chain itself safe and useful for destruction.

If someone invented a time machine, they can take the time machine back to the past, change the whole historical process.

If this happens, you can think more and more people begin to travel in time, time machine will spread like a virus. Then, each had the people who will live in a time machine in the universe, it means we will have the time machine today.

Time travel can do what is a terrible idea. But fortunately, anyone who is trying to achieve time travel is a waste of time. Second, if they can get resources and abilities of time travel, they will destroy the universe is safe, because we can no longer rely on our cosmic law. A similar situation they will attack the Cong bitcoin network 51% has created in the.

The big bang and block chain file creation

The big bang theory is not a point of time in space, this is a common misunderstanding. The big bang theory is the creation of space-time itself events. Before the explosion, nothing. After the explosion, all. (Note: as the so-called “one two, two three, three things”)

Now let us consider the etheric Fang blockchain file creation. Before the creation of block mining, Ethernet square block chain does not exist in the universe. In its mining, with millions of ehter was assigned to participate in the pre-sale account, it is immediately. This is the starting point of the chain block universe. The Big Bang is the first block of mining block chain.

Interesting place is here. We know that before the existence of bitcoin and etheric Fang such blockchain what happened. A group of people in the planning of it, test it, and publish it to a decentralized network. At the same time, as it becomes a real-time network, continue to promote its growth. For a specific purpose, they chose each variable and the algorithm to build the block chain, so as to provide distributed books to the center of the human.

So far, you would think, “if human engineers create the etheric Fang blockchain file creation, then, who created the universe and the big bang creation? Why do they want to create our universe?”

No one knows. But we know that this is similar to the Ethernet square block chain can let people can interact in the network without intermediary trust. It is for our own service and create.

Similarly, maybe our universe is to achieve some “people” or “things” to create. Perhaps there is an evil genius created our universe. The purpose is to extract energy from. Rick and Morty put forward the hypothesis, he created an entire universe inside the battery, just to provide power for his spaceship.

 Block chain, time travel and space

Rick creates a complete universe inside the battery can provide power for his spaceship

Hope to have more meaning to the universe. In order to pride.

Block chain branching and parallel universe

The complex theory of parallel universe we are not quite sure, but in any case we will study it deeply, and try to explain it simply.

There is an explanation of the parallel universe, in addition to its physical constants differ, there is a universe with the universe we live in exactly the same, this is a parallel universe.

In many ways, it is similar with the blockchain bifurcation. If we consider the etheric and etheric Fang Fang classic, they have the same block chain. Then, the bifurcation, they split into separate blockchain universe.

At this point, the etheric Fang block chain can not be aware of the existence of the classic square block chain ether. They have the same history, until the block height of 1920000 bifurcation. With the constant physical changes in the software update, they will have different laws of the universe and the different account balance. They become parallel block chain, don’t know each other, and share a common starting point.

It will make you want to know whether our universe has been split?


I hope this thought experiment allows you to think more deeply about the universe and our chain block. We created the blockchain universe, they did not interact with us in case of self running, they follow the rules and the principle of consensus that we return.

Physicists and engineers can learn through the block chain on the other side of the field, because when you observe them through the lens, comparing some strange similar. A huge universe involves in which we live and do not understand fully, another involves a simulation block chain small universe created by humans, and here we can understand it and began to.

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