Block chain to reshape the future of bitcoin essence series: “dark net” and supervision

Due to the characteristics of bitcoin anonymity and globalization, attracted a lot of speculators, or even criminal participation. The online black market “Silk Road” has been in the notorious repute of illegal drugs in the United States to assist the Federal Bureau of investigation before it was seized, pornography and arms trade, later convicted of its founder Ross William Ulbrich has attracted great attention. It has become a lot of people pay attention to start digital currency. “The payment system of the Silk Road” on the use of the characteristics of bitcoin, at the time of payment and Wright coins, coin now well-known currency.

This is a busy time, bitcoin payment system has become the umbrella of crime, although the price of bitcoin has fluctuated violently, but the anonymity and circulation characteristics of its perfect has become a hotbed of underground best deal.

The large-scale application of bitcoin has also attracted the attention of regulators, and put on the schedule, enter 2018, Chinese and Russia as a digital currency such as great scourges, the country directly refused; the United States, South Korea and Japan and other countries are open-minded, open invitation to guests, make laws and regulations, standardize digital currency in the country the development of; Venezuela even issued the first national legal digital currency “in the history of mankind’s oil money, to alleviate the economic crisis.

However, a consensus point is that each country has underestimated the blockchain power are put in a lot of resources and energy, trying to grasp the block chain technology, to make its financial system more indestructible. The Bank of Canada, vice president Caroline Wilkins will even consider the monetary system of the whole country to the system to block chain based.

So, once such a money laundering and crime associated with the technology, how to all walks of life to bring help? If you are really concerned about the blockchain technology in the future, then don’t put bitcoin as speculative assets, bitcoin has real value, use and potential on the underlying technology platform, the currency of its properties, the core is not the block chain revolution

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