Block chain to save the creative industry? Will it become a new trap after the bust of the bitcoin business?

For the cultural and creative industries, the most terrible incurable, given the answer to the friends I met, mostly for piracy, and tangled.

Piracy, condemnation. All created things, piracy, flow, attention and money are being taken to copy and paste.

No piracy, heart stopper. The pirates apparently did not notice, no piracy, creative content, and the money can only comfort is small.

Don’t worry, the latest hot bubble block chain, is more and more in order to get rid of their bad reputation, the way of creative industries are being rushed to the rescue. But now the slogan seems to be a panacea.

But interestingly, these block chain product anti piracy features, seems to be in the first half of 2018 last month, to the appearance of a collective.

How to protect the copyright of the blockchain?

Block chain is a technical thing, put aside. After all, once the number of mature in the field of copyright, in fact, there will be a key type fool operation products appear, do not know can play in turn.

But the problem still exists.

The first problem: the wind and rain the blockchain is not always on the Internet in the financial sector to toss it? How it came suddenly down to content.

This is really the case. In the end of June, the Hangzhou court open verdict on the Internet with the works information network transmission right infringement dispute case, the first in the country to confirm the legal effect using the block chain storage of electronic data, and the block chain of electronic deposit certificate examination and judgment method.

The removal of part of the control technology, the blockchain rights operation is not complicated.

According to media reports, in this case, the related works of a company in Hangzhou accused a company in Shenzhen, its website published the plaintiff. The plaintiff in the court proof through third-party storage platform for the source identification and automatic crawl infringement infringement page of the web page, and the content and call log compressed into computing hash value chain to upload blocks.

In simple terms, compared with other vulnerability of electronic evidence, has an open, distributed, irreversibility and other characteristics of the block chain, apparently can ensure high fidelity evidence of infringement.

However, this is just the hands style, and rights, apparently quite passive. Don’t worry, and active mode.

Hollywood movies, walk in the forefront. In June, the first issue of using the block chain technology “movie without postage”. This looks very hot rub, which is essentially the blockchain “tokens” function “movie” stuff, let public opinion enjoy, all about Hollywood will block chain to combat piracy the rhetoric.

So, at the end of June, chairman Mars Rifkin of the American Film Institute also dedicated out of endorsement, declaring that “block chain technology can help us to combat piracy.

A movie industry is not hot rub, but a trend. In simple terms, is a film and television drama by block chain hit “fingerprint”, this step in the past many anti piracy technology have been done; the key is called the “fingerprint” of the television show, and then through the distributed recording block chain and tamper proof features content distribution.

The result is also obviously, every download and share, will be the blockchain unavoidable record, form a complete traceability chain of evidence. And because the technology can not wipe the traces, and can instantly be found, the pirates must weigh the cost, do.

Face wash draft, block chain some weakness

But the blockchain’s ability to protect against piracy, still can not be over myth.

The bottleneck is still very vivid and distinctive outrageous.

To say such things to steal ideas. Any kind of creativity, can be through the specious way, fingerprint tampering.

A less reliable example, famous “glean woman”, there are 1863 years and 1891 years of Leo Jules Bredonla and Mitt Leclaire version, in addition to a number of master and painter works.

From the creative point of view, is a painting, but also with a tribute, and even follow a similar pattern of painting, and even pick up the apple picking corn on the cob mobile phone, can only be said to be a homage or parody or spoof. However, it can block chain by painting digital information and generate a “fingerprint”, to award one or two?

If the latter needs appreciation value (household art, money or other) can be measured, so many the most people wash draft workers face difficulties, perhaps also incapable of action chain block.

For example, a good article, playing on the original, marked “fingerprint”, lower wash release, several of these papers will be cut, handling, press digest and digest into. Wash this moment release, many network copyright rights platform, has been able to discover and key rights, also don’t block chain shot.

Really good wash release, just put the original author’s creative ideas, great Shift of the universe, and then use their own voice to write again, even the small holes in the original one to fill. The idea of plagiarism, rely on digital and irreversible blockchain “fingerprint”, but also can break?

It is not long ago that such as the basic female reporter others micro-blog original copy, or will become famous fiction writers long into their own copy and paste the explosion of Internet novel male writers who can be found.

Of course, good or obviously, this kind of similar second response, take the initiative to check the weight function, can make this kind of living space is rapidly compressed.

At the same time, the large cultural and creative products, such as film and television, games, music, because the cut is not easy, cloze test is difficult, the blockchain piracy effect instead will show.

Moreover, the most important is not found piracy, but through fingerprint clues, find every link of piracy of the industrial chain, so that they have no place to hide.

Also in June, Microsoft announced a prospective plan to use block chain technology creators, software developers and other creators to collect royalties, the blockchain technology can create tamper recording system on multiple computers. The game industry and its creators, this program will be the first beneficiary.

In addition to check piracy, Microsoft’s ambition is to cross a variety of conventional charge in the way of content creators return station (can be understood as a variety of distribution channels) were removed.

But the problem still exists, can not solve the chain block……

For creative revenue, block chain can cure?

Large cultural and creative products, the blockchain anti piracy capabilities, seems to be faster than other existing techniques more directly, but more people look forward to is the ability to increase it.

In simple terms, by the release of the blockchain content, with its openness, better “reduce the middlemen make the difference”. But this is just a theory of products. Most of the people is not a good manager, they need agents, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps the press agent is creative platform, is perhaps the film company.

The maximum value of the block chain, just let the road between the product and the audience, no longer have to be part of the profits of middlemen hidden, but also be able to get that part of the proceeds of their own time.

For example, book publishing, past many authors for his book the number printed, just get information from the press, and return to wait until this batch of books sold in order to acquire. Exactly how much? Even if it is published online, see the click rate, also has to worry about. Obviously, the irreversible bill blockchain, can solve this problem.

But the more complex the products? Even eliminate the information asymmetry, but also a lot of trouble. The Microsoft proposed deployment tool chain blocks in its massive online gaming system in the program, there are some problems to be solved, the most striking problem is that although large, often easier to form a block chain “fingerprint”, but such as music clips featuring video games may lead to different pay royalties the content of cutting, belonging to software developers, songwriter, performer and so on, have many large content creators, will be before the end of a block of information asymmetry in the distribution chain, the new barriers to enter the information obtained in the.

Or, even if the distribution can be in accordance with the Convention, but if there is in the fight against piracy, and claims, who are part of the tort, accounting for how much, how much benefit from compensation…… Many problems, especially many invisible influence and visibility, are also need some brain hole, can only be resolved.

But the key is, block chain is currently the bubble is bursting, air movements of this round of copyright protection, and how to make the field become disk access man bubble burst, or by the passing of night technique, transfer the pressure and the pain is gone, is the most worthy of attention and should not follow the trend of the.

Block chain to buy bitcoin and token business, landing scene, sell creative products became a choice, this is the truth of this round of the trend, bukebufang.

Published in the “creative world” magazine in 2018 8 in the column

Zhang Shule, PPTN columnist, Internet and game industry observers

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