Block chain TV program Codice was a great success in Italy

nnnRai Uno launched a new television program, the block chain as the theme, called Codice, English is Code, that is, the meaning of the code. Program time one hour, the country nearly 10% of the audience watched the program, but also entered the most popular Italian Twitter program form. Program interview with Italy’s most well-known block-chain experts, universal block-chain knowledge, with simple language to explain the complex technical mechanism.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBlock chain technology is almost everywhere, and recently reports show that most companies want to integrate some of the block-chain technology into the company’s systems.n
nThe recent surprising progress is that the block chain problem began to control the tide of the Italian television industry.n
nThis week, Italy’s major TV channel Rai Uno launched a new TV program, with the block chain as the theme, called Codice. The show starts at 11:30 pm for an hour. Nearly 10% of the audience watched the program and entered the most popular Italian program form.n
nMake everything simplern
nThis program specializes in interviews with Italian block-chain experts, explaining the capabilities of block-chain technology in different industries. The aim is to attract public attention and popularize knowledge in emerging areas.n
nProgram reporters use simple language to analyze the mechanisms behind these complex technological innovations.n
nThis program is another point where the block chain technology is recognizing and accepting increasing. Italian audiences have shown interest in participating in the ever-expanding digitalization.n

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