Block chain use cases: from image mining and virtual economy to the crowd

nnnRush when comment: block chain technology applications continue to expand, its potential has been tentative. And even large companies around the world are involved in the patent market for the site. The attendant may be that many of the traditional processes are replaced or changed by block-chain technology. Such as image database, such as virtual currency based on virtual economy, such as content to pay, such as industry upgrades.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe increase in the application of block chain technology has changed many industries, including financial services, data management, health care, agriculture, supply chain, gaming, public services, music, air ticketing, and so on.n
nSome companies have begun technical pilot, want to support and improve the transparency of the transaction.n
nFor example, the US retail giant Wal-Mart recently launched a chain-based chain of supply chain management test project. The purpose is to use distributed book technology to monitor and track China’s exports to the United States pork.n
nLow cost of transfer, easy to use and basic real-time transfer and other factors make the block chain in the remittance industry applications are also increasing.n
nThe irreversibility of the transaction also makes the block chain technology can effectively prevent theft in remittance transactions. Block-based transactions for strong encryption protection, not easily attack or intercept.n
nAlmost unlimited application potentialn
nBlock chain technology and its use cases are almost infinite. Large enterprises are also involved in the application for a number of patent applications, want to let their own ideas into the market.n
nAs technology continues to be popular and accepted, many “old factions” processes will be changed and replaced by bit-chain technology at the bottom of the bitcoin and other encrypted currencies.n
nWe have to explore some of the use of block-chain technology to change the industry’s entrepreneurial companies.n
nBitcoin image miningn
nLampix plans to use block-chain technology to build one of the world’s largest image databases. The database content will be provided by the image miners, who will get the PIX tokens. The company also plans to open the database to software developers for products such as HoloLens or Google Glass. Lampix also introduced his own hardware and software solutions, can be any plane into a smart, enhance the reality version.n
nSustainable virtual economyn
nVIVA has tried to build a sustainable virtual economy under the VIVAconomy project, for which the company has adopted a three-tier digital money framework: online block chain exchange, proven virtual currency ATM network, block chain practical application.n
nContent paymentn
nWildSpark allows users to send encrypted currency directly to the content creator. Currently support Youtube, the future will increase the number of platform support. But also allows users to use Bit Coins and other encrypted currency to the favorite content creators pay tips.n
nMarijuana industryn
nThis is not the first time someone has tried to innovate in this controversial industry. Growers International attempts to use block-chain technology to provide transparency for cannabis cultivation. They say that tokens make it easier for users, legitimate growers and marijuana entrepreneurs to join the industry. It will also develop new plant-to-sales platforms to help growers track all sales in the supply chain and improve crop transparency.n

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