Block chain video platform will issue 30 billion tokens for ICO

nnn(Italy) announced that it will be from July 18 onwards from the ICO, issued 30 billion tokens, the number of its tokens determine the tokens prices are also very low, each of the Priced at 3 Cong. The platform hopes to eliminate intermediaries in this way, to protect the interests of content creators, and to improve their competitiveness.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nMake It Viral (MIV) is a little-known Italian block-chain video sharing platform announced that it will carry ICO, whose tokens are priced at 3 per serving ($ 0.000075).n
nMIV will issue a 30 billion tokens from July 18th, one of the largest ICOs in the Taifang market, which is expected to compete with content sharing giants YouTube and Twitch.n
n”The funds raised will be used for software development, application development, security measures, platform wallet, sponsorship, marketing, conference hosting, public relations and rewards,” the relevant press release said.n
nThe content sharing driven by the block chain is nothing new, because there are already a series of projects that use the technology to eliminate the middleman, thus reassigning the power balance and making the creator benefit.n
nMIV is precisely in line with this concept, expressed the hope that “the elimination of the current popular mainstream video sharing platform is not popular in some aspects.n
nThe company also said that “the uploader will not receive the payment for the ad or pay the processor and can not receive the payment, compared with the traditional video sharing platform, this platform charges less, and can be micro-fund-raising.” “n
nIn addition, 15 billion tokens will be kept free of charge to users, and 5 billion tokens will be “assigned to the team.”n
nThe total number of tokens to a certain extent determines its lower price, its unit price will rise steadily from August 1, in the October 31 sales before the end of the highest price – 6 Cong.n

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