Block chains can reshape tourism management

nnnWalking Comments: Block chain in the tourism industry has been relatively rare, so many people are not optimistic about its role in the field. But tourism technology experts believe that the technology can change the tourism industry in many ways, is conducive to improving the payment, distribution and passenger tracking. Although there is no specific application, the technology can bring benefits for the industry is not obvious, but embrace the new technology is still worth trying.n
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nAt a recent talk show at BTN (Business Travel News) in San Francisco, when a member referred to the “block chain”, a travel practitioner joked that he was the least-needed tech word. Although there are many discussions about the block chain, its impact on tourism is still less pronounced. Almost no application directly related to the industry, and the application has been in the initial stage. However, tourism technology experts believe that the block chain may change the industry’s distribution, payment and passenger tracking.n
nWhat exactly is the block chain?n
nA block chain is a database that consists of a growing list of records (blocks) that are connected to the previous block and connected to the original “creation block”. In the traditional database, users can add, change and delete data. The block chain settings allow only the user to add data (although the private chain is different). “The block chain can depend on the truth rather than the trust.When every new deal is created, it is related to the past and the future, so there is a complete audit record,” said Johnny Thorsen, vice president and partner of tourism strategy at Mezi. “n
nBlock chains are also transparent: anyone can view the data, although it has been encrypted to protect it. Thorsen said:n
nn”The data will be very safe and easy to access.” Does that sound like the situation in the tourism industry today? It is not the case. We have a lot of problems in getting data and are not safe.n
nBusiness travel usen
nBlock chain technology is not new. In fact, it has been around for ten years, and its most famous application is as a support technology for digital currency bitmaps. Thorsen pointed out that some suppliers are developing tourism-related applications, and the impact of the technology on other industries may also affect the tourism industry.n
nPay. Taking into account its source of Bitcoin, the payment industry is one of the most mature industries in accepting the chain chain. Although Bitcoin itself has experienced setbacks and slander, but behind the technology has aroused the interest of the bank. In terms of settlement, the technology can provide direct real-time transactions between the buyer and the supplier. These transactions will be immediately tracked and audited, eliminating the need for cards or banks as intermediaries. At the same time, any attempt to cheat the behavior will be immediately found. Ito Rao, Neha Narula and Robleh Ali wrote in the Harvard Business Review this year:

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