BlockChain Capital partners: although in a bear market but bitcoin is still great potential

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In November 19th, Vc firm BlockChain Capital partner Spencer Bogart, said in an interview with Bloomberg News: although in a bear market, but there is still great potential of bitcoin.

As the focus on the password and block chain risk start-up company investment expert, he always stands in support of bitcoin position. He pointed out that the key role of “programmable currency”, and said that this money should become more popular with the passage of time.

Spencer Bogart believes that the programmable currency is a “trillions of dollars of creativity”. He stressed that bitcoin has become a “bull market” the largest ever 2017 year 12 month bitcoin from the beginning of last year to about $1000 million dollar soared to 2. Although the current password market in contrast to last year, the bear market still exists, but it will not weaken the overall potential of bitcoin.

In the interview, Spencer Bogar claimed bitcoin network effect is the largest, second larger than 5 times larger than the password. Since bitcoin, the encryption community has been looking for a bitcoin. Spencer Bogar said that this commitment to altcoins is a dangerous game.

BlockChain Capital was founded in 2013, aims to help entrepreneurs to establish a global currency and encryption block chain company. According to the BlockChainCapital website, the company is the blockchain technical field “the oldest and most active” risk of investors. Since its establishment has 72 companies, and the token provides financing agreement.

At the beginning of October, Spencer Bogart has predicted that the price of bitcoin is close to the bottom. He pointed out that the bad news last year seems to have no impact on the market, and now we see the other side.

Recently, the famous Wall Street bull Tom Lee maintains his latest forecast that bitcoin will reach $15000 by the end of the year. The reason is that global exchange operators in New York stock exchange, the upcoming digital assets platform Bakkt, and is expected to achieve regulatory transparency, which allegedly will attract a large number of institutional investors.

In support of the Intercontinental Exchange, the New York stock exchange recently confirmed that the target is in the 1 2019 24 month launched on Bakkt platform.

In November 20th, the person in charge of Global trade and technology company Susquehanna also said that in the market meltdown, he is still a long-term belief in bitcoin makers.

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