Blockchain CEO: Working with openANX to build a centralized trading platform looks promising

nnnnThe author of this article Peter Smith is the CEO and co-founder of In this paper, he talked about the existing centralization and decentralization of the currency trading platform deficiencies, and that the integration of the two advantages in the direction of the sale of tokens openANX project its concept and structure will look great.n
nnAuthor: Peter Smithn
nI often think about the import and export of our industry – trading platform. Trading platform is a new user to enter our daily construction of the new financial world channels. This is their first touch point to the industry, and usually the quality is very poor – expensive, with the risk and prone to a security disaster accident.n
nIn the block-chain world, the nature of the decryption master (cypherpunk) does not make them to the center, the source of the closed trading platform for trading and give up the custody of the private key. For the sake of liquidity, we give up the precious values.n
nAlthough the centralized trading platform projects are expanding, but they focus on purely encrypted currency transactions, as now only a very practical end-to-end trading program. For a high-tech team of engineers, real-world banking, regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering are simply not attractive.n
nOn the other hand, centralized exchange operators are tired of preventing DDoS attacks, managing 24×7 trading engines, and managing customer keys.n
nIf you can build a platform to centrally consolidate the main capabilities of these two trading platforms – let the exchange operators focus on their core competitive advantage (local language, customer support, regulatory compliance and banking), while The key custody transfer from the balance sheet to the chain chain, you will have a product that can bring value to the whole industry.n
nSince the I have been thinking about this issue, the Open ANX Foundation ( is the most credible person who can lead to this mission. Its ideas and structure seem to be great, but perhaps more importantly, behind the team is the best choice to deal with this challenge.n
nHugh, Dave, Ken work hard in Hong Kong for many years, the establishment of the world’s largest DLT development company, although they have been low-key, quietly doing things. I met them a few years ago, when they had just launched the first product – ANXPRO trading platform. Since then, they have built some successful projects, but they are still keen to create a better way to bring liquidity to our ecosystem.n
nnIs it better to build a de-centric deal with a team that already has a first-class trading platform?n

nThis is a very ambitious project that needs to do a lot of work – but that’s the essence of our space. I am pleased to work with them to build a more complete, more transparent, less risky structure, thereby promoting liquidity, leading the next 50 million users to join the ecosystem. After all, with the great people continue to conceive to carry out a project can improve the industry, compared to the next there are more exciting things?n
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nRecent Developments – The OAX tokens offer starts at 9pm on June 22th. According to the first two hours of sale records, every 10 minutes of trading up to $ 750,000. So far, OAX’s first coin sale has been completed 65% and may continue on weekends.n

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