Blockchain Chief Executive Officer: 24 months from the government’s release of digital currency

nnnIn the recent program and the host talked about a number of industry hot spots. He mentioned in the program, he thinks it is now 24 months from the big country government to issue digital money, and this initiative may first appear in the UK. He also analyzed the reasons for the government’s work and praised the advantages of digital money.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIn the latest episode “This Week in Startups” program, the host Jason Calacanis and Blockchain CEO discussed a lot of content, from the dark market to the first support of the ether square support (ICO). Smith also shared his views on the government’s release of digital money in the near future.n
nSome readers may not know that Blockchain is the world’s most used consumer bitcover wallet, and recently added support for Taishin.n
nThere are 24 months for the government to issue digital moneyn
nSmith mentioned in his talk that he has discussed the government’s how to issue his own digital currency at the World Economic Forum and the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.n
nWhen Calacanis asked the Smith government how long it was to issue its digital currency, Smith replied, “It did not last long for 24 months from the main government – not the small government.n
nSmith points out that what he says is the “top 30” government in the world.n
nIn the case of Blockchain’s UK, Smith speculates that the UK may be the first to issue digital money in the G7 countries. He pointed out that if the British did not off Europe, may be in the field to develop faster.n
nMentioned the United States, Smith is not that it will issue digital currency in the near future. He pointed out that the stalemate in Washington and the dominance of the dollar in today’s world will make it slow in the field.n
nWhy does the government want to issue digital money?n
nSmith said that when the government wanted to issue digital money, it first mentioned the competition in the world’s currencies.n
nSmith said:n
nn”The central bank is much more clear than most of us, that is, their currency is the product, the dollar is the product, the pound is the product.If there is something more efficient than these currencies, and can provide better data , More trust and reduce infrastructure costs, then their problems come. “n
nnThen, Calacanis assumes that Ireland has issued its own digital currency, and Smith points out the benefits of this initiative.n
nSmith explained that the issue of digital money may accelerate the flow of money, which may have a huge impact on economic growth. Digital money can also improve transaction efficiency and make currency storage and exchange easier.n
nSmith said:n
nn”The faster the currency begins to circulate and the more it is used, the more capital can be used to see the economy grow further.”n
nnSmith also referred to a study by the Bank of England, which estimates that converting 30% of transactions into digital money will make the economy grow by three to four percentage points.n

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