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nThe runaway commentary: It seems that the education industry has always been not particularly sensitive to technological innovation, but there is now awareness that the emerging technology of blockchain can help the industry solve many long-standing problems. Richard Maaghul has developed an “Education Market On Demand Solution” that aims to provide students and teachers with more convenient and direct communication while reducing the cost of education and enabling more people to have higher education for the benefit of all sectors of society .n
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The current education system in many countries has disappointed students in many ways. The top universities only accept elites, while the courses taught by higher education tend to be stereotyped and irrelevant, keeping up with the changing needs of the job market. Although the problem of under-employment is getting worse, there are no more people who have higher education. These situations have caused serious problems.n
Start-up companies that change global educationn
Richard Maaghul is interested in using emerging technologies to improve education and has proposed the On-Demand Education Marketplace solution. The solution was developed through his experience of working with Excelorators, a company that provides short-term learning experiences for students and executives across countries.n
Maaghul believes the classroom experience is important because it differs from online education, not just in professional training, but also in influential academic enrichment and cultural immersion, which can only be achieved through face-to-face interaction.n
As a result, ODEM solutions combine Excelorators’ services with their network of more than 200 top university professors, running on blockchain and smart contract platforms, eliminating middleman and unnecessary costs.n
The system creates a direct communication channel so that students can express their needs and professors can create relevant content to answer these questions. By doing so, students and professors have more autonomy in creating more valuable learning experiences.n
ODEM is aware that the services it offers have a huge demand in the global education market, mainly in Asia – where countries like India, China and Singapore have seen education as a strategic area as well as in South America, Africa and the Middle East. Asian countries have perfectly demonstrated how investment in education empowers individuals and benefits the entire nation. Major international journals, such as Forbes, The Washington Post and The Economist, estimate that technology innovation can translate global education into an industry worth 4.6-6 trillion U.S. dollars.n
Cryptocurrencies make education less costlyn
All financial transactions within this system will be made using ODEM Tokens (ODEMTs), which provide access to ODEM platforms and pay for educational courses. ODEMT will be launched through all sales and marketing activities on February 17, 2018.n
To ensure that people are legally involved in the event, the company is implementing the KYC process to validate the identities of all investors registered on the ODEM website and to implement anti-money laundering measures.n

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