Blockchain or will be dark horse, the fastest digital economy to achieve credibility of society

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On December 3, the 4th World Internet Conference, with the theme of “Promoting Open and Shared Digital Economy – Building a Community of Destiny for Cyberspace Together”, was opened in Wuzhen and the Internet Expo with its success was successfully held.n
Around the theme of this conference, artificial intelligence, digital economy, 5G, Internet of Things and other technology products and strategic direction are the key words of this conference. Various technology products are competing to release. Sogou lip recognition, Tencent’s AI-assisted diagnostic products, ofo’s NFC unlock new products, as well as hacking defense systems, translation gloves and so on. Among them, the performance of blockbuster ants displaying high-profile products based on the blockchain technology has made the application of biometrics and payment a big bright spot.n
SCRY delivered the keynote speech as the only blockchain technology and product application of this conference. The key theme of “Building Credit Digital Society” was to showcase the services provided by the underlying generic protocols of blockchain data for building blockchain applications Convenient. Fu Anwen SCRY founder said:n
n”When we talk about the arrival of AI, 5G rapid development, how to ensure that you get the information is true and safe? How to ensure the accuracy of personal data rating and sharing of credit economic assets? Such data on the issue has gone far beyond The so-called “big data” Big Data. Big data is the trend of mass data being collected and stored, and the new concept of “blockchain reputation economy” that I am talking about today relies on what we call the “grand analysis” Big Analysis, a new system that takes personal forecasts and turns them into actions from massive data collection, may include refusing to give you a loan, giving you a job interview even if you have not posted an ad, or even Is outdated by potential candidates All of these actions are based on your credibility – it is being digitized and networked in a variety of dazzling ways, and intelligent contracts that blockchain automatically reverse the data will become the future data credit society The necessary tools agreement layer. “n
nVertical to the data field, in response to the theme of this conference, “Developing the Digital Economy and Facilitating Open Sharing,” SCRY demonstrated to us the automated supply of transactional intelligent credit data based on blockchain. If the entire world is destined for the digital economy in the future, with the mature application of blockchain technology and its widespread recognition, the most economic development trend of data-related industries based on the need for high confidence is to use blockchain technology to serve customers. For example, the insurance industry, a block-based insurance application DAPP, direct online customers choose to insure, through the intelligent contract blockchain agreement, consensus mechanism to verify the smart contract for automatic payment of insured amount, to quickly solve the problem for customers to improve Efficiency, labor-saving and practical costs, reduce cumbersome layers of procedures and risks.n

It is very exciting that the application of the block chain far more than that, the technical characteristics of the current traditional Internet industry pain points have produced a great overlap, the General Assembly, many black technology, the block chain technology is extremely May become a dark horse that disrupts the structure of the industry and becomes the most rapidly developing technology in the coming years.n
It is also believed that the high threshold of blockchain technology will no longer be an obstacle to attracting more blockchain application scenarios and building a sound credit data society under the efforts of blockchain companies like SCRY that are willing to open source and are committed to the ground up.n

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