Blockchain Outlook 2018: Human Rights Above Economic Returns

nRunaway Comment: For the blockchain, 2017 is undoubtedly a very important year. As 2018 is approaching, many people in the industry are beginning to review the development of the blockchain this year, so as to understand the future situation and to better deploy some projects related to this technology. The writer, ConsenSys’ head of product and innovation, points out that in the future, people need to focus more on the social value that the blockchain can deliver, not just on its economic returns.n
nTranslation: Inan
2017 is an exciting year for the blockchain.n
Although the world today is full of discord and polarization, there is still a keen interest in building a better future so that people can manage themselves and the institutions that underpin them.n
So, by the end of the year, it is a good time to review what we have done to achieve these goals. Blockchains create a world in which everyone’s needs are met and everyone can express their opinions. We can cooperate globally for meaningful things and benefit from different experiences.n
Passing data ownership and control, the once passive consumer in society as a whole will become an active participant. With auditing the supply chain tools, labor safety, fair trade, organic production, etc. will all be validated, and we can replace ad jarnet with proof and replace auditability with trustworthiness.n
Nowadays, being in the area of ​​blockchain is like engaging in more ambitious and socially valuable activities. That’s why there will be an endless stream of blockchain meetups, many of the related conference tickets sold out, and for many people the line between personal and professional interests is blurring.n
These ambitious goals, however, remind us that they must be implemented in the right way.n
In 2017, we have seen:n
nThe rise of new tokens and fundsn
The largest increase so far in the number of participants in the global blockchainn
Valuation bubblen
nIn 2018, we need:n
nEducate new participants in the blockchain ecosystemn
Consciously develop a diverse and representative culturen
Understand that these opportunities will empower peoplen
Attract money and the massesn
In 2017, the blockchain enters the public eye through bifurcation, CryptoKitties and ICO. Driven by investment opportunities and media attention, traditional businesses and consumers are beginning to actively focus on cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology.n
However, we must remember that the additional participants basically came for economic benefits, attracted by new tokens they considered promising.n
For those already involved in the field, their confidence in the future of the blockchain has been validated and consolidated through huge crowd-funding. So far, about $ 3.6 billion has been raised solely on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain tokens, a figure that makes tokens available as “killer apps” for the platform.n
What followed was not only the sense of contemporary gold rush, but more possibilities.n
Compared with the boom of the Internet in the information age before, the blockchain era has almost reached its popularity in 1998, and the cryptocurrency world is inviting mainstream areas to join.n
Lay the foundationn
Apple spoiled consumer groups lack the enthusiasm and patience to adapt to the development of terminology and workflow is not available, their presence has also brought new product demand.n
To make it easier for new customers, our focus is on simplifying the complexity of blockchain-based applications, delivering a pleasing user experience, appealing design, and user-friendly language. Everyone likes CryptoKitties, which can be traded and raised, representing the value of cryptocurrencies.n
CryptoKitties priced in the ether, almost causing network disruptions, has become the most lovely power to expand transaction throughput and liquidity.n
The focus for 2017 will also include making blockchain workplaces more attractive.n
How to create a more inclusive and more equitable society for different creators? One study from PBS shows that diversity helps to develop better products and systems.n
More informed companies have started to diversify from the ethnic, cultural, age and goals, while the “Women in Blockchain” meeting and “Social Impact” initiatives have emerged around the world, bringing more women into the district Block chain area.n
What happens next? 2018 opportunitiesn
In addition to these achievements have made, what should we do now?n
In 2018, we must:n
nTurning interest has been made to creating equality – the bubble signals the market’s demand and represents the majority of people’s expectations of the return on capital. We should think of it as a development opportunity. But if we stay still, we may continue to centralize wealth, repeat traditional power structures and miss real opportunities.n
nnPropagate the value proposition of the public chain to new participants – redefining “profit” to cover both economic and social values.n
nnCreating a secure environment that supports innovation – inevitably, some bubbles will burst, some milestones will not be met, some will evaporate, investors hit hard and others will call for regulation. However, if we regulate based on the old structure and paradigm, it will stifle innovation.n
nnTake on the responsibility of self-regulation – this includes the work of a Consensys “Brooklyn Project” whose mission is to provide market participants and regulators with powerful tools to protect consumers and improve the integrity of the token network.n
nnSubconsciously to create a diversified and inclusive space for creativity – We have just entered the era of blockchain, still working hard to study the technology. The creators in this area are still young and predominantly white men. This situation is not conducive to creating an attractive environment for many different people, and diversification is needed to develop a strong, global product.n
nnEngage different communities in the development of all blockchain products – gather different intelligence through education and ensure that solutions work for everyone.n
nnThe core promise of a blockchain to empower people – we have experienced systemic failures in social globalization. Such failures have led to poverty, lack of education and basic services, lack of voice, lack of mobility and freedom, and the expansion and protection of the rights of corporations to achieve development above the suffering of the poor.n
nnPromote and protect the right of both parties to exchange their values ​​freely – the freedom of exchange is crucial to participating in the future world. It is equivalent to freedom of speech in digital space. This is a question of equality that must be protected and regarded as a human right.n
nFor many people, the first benefit of entering the blockchain and cryptocurrency world may be financial gain.n
But for a better future, we must expand the definition of “profit” to include both economic and social benefits, and understand that the blockchain itself is a technological solution for social innovation.n
Diverse creators and friendly and innovative regulation of governance are crucial to establishing a mechanism that is characterized by equality and human rights.n
It is our responsibility to achieve our goals in the right form by 2018, and we also have such opportunities.n

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