Blockchain technology and the possibility of subverting the future of life – Financial Technology Seminar will soon land Shenzhen

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As an emerging technology, blockchain has experienced a roller coaster-type development in the past year. From the big hype in early 2017 to the mid-year development of the entire industry in full swing to reach the peak of history, and then to the second half of the supervision of the heavy blow to make it fall to the bottom, the industry participants through what kind of mentality? After 2017, stepping into 2018, what kind of lessons learned from the blockchain technology and the entire industry will have to learn from the past, and in the future, we must start to develop in those areas? How will regulatory technology help financial science and technology innovation?n
On March 23rd, the big coffee industry and you meet in Shenzhen to share the path since the road, and jointly look forward to the future of blockchain technology applications.n
The seminar was hosted by Xinghe Industry Group and Galaxia Industry Alliance, held by Singapore’s Xinyue University of Science and Technology (SUSS), and was organized by Yideng Media. It was co-organized by Shenzhen Chentu Youth Venture Promotion Association. The organizer of the seminar, the Xinghe Industry Alliance, is a joint venture, government agency, university and other chambers of commerce partners to jointly create a brand-new resource alliance development platform with the mission of integrating all sectors of resources and from various perspectives on this disruptive technology. The rational use and possible future exploration.n

At the appointed time, professor of Xinyue University of Science and Technology, deputy chairman of Singapore Economics Association, and Mr. Shen Bo, the founder of distributed capital of the largest block chain venture capital company in China, will create David Lee of BlockAsset Ventures. The keynote speech on blockchain technology and future application trends will be given by Ms. Lin Yang, a former partner in the field of financial service innovation, and the founder of Beijing Ruitaige Technology Co., Ltd., a distributed regulatory technology collaboration platform project. 20 years of work experience in the financial industry shared with on-site audiences on how “regulatory technology can help financial technology innovation”.n
At the same time, the original blockchain CEO, Primas co-founder Wu Peng, MediShares and CTO Tiaojia male, Jingxi Capital founder Yu Xuanxuan, light blockchain founder, Shenzhen Chentuo youth entrepreneurship promotion executive Zhang Hongbin It will also serve as a roundtable forum to discuss the application trends of the blockchain.n
From the perspectives of technology, academics, and supervision, experts in different fields will present their respective viewpoints on the subversion that this technology may bring to life, and work together to promote the real landing of blockchain projects.n
Activity time:n
March 23, 2018 13:30 – 19:00n
Guangdong Shenzhen Longhua New Area Xinghe leads the world 2 layersn
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