BlockShow Asia 2017: GBX Offers New Platform for Encrypted Currency Investment

nRunaway Comment: In the past two days, 2017 BlockShow Asia is being held in Singapore in full swing, bringing together blockchain experts from all over the world. In addition to celebrity speeches, there are also some agencies that take this opportunity to announce their new projects. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has announced at the event that it is ready to create a cryptocurrency trading platform designed to allow investors to participate safely in this emerging market and plan to establish the world’s first healthy digital asset that operates under state regulation market.n
nTranslation: Inan
Cointelegraph has been following up on the ongoing “BlockShow Asia” conference where blockchain experts from around the world have posted a few announcements. One of the more noticeable announcements comes from Gibraltar, one of the smallest independent areas in the world.n
The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) now also operates the GBX, a new way for entitlement investors to participate in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. Gibraltar, already approved by European regulators, is preparing to create a platform on cryptocurrencies.n
The system provides traditional investors with a more comfortable trading platform – a stock trading model, where GBX will actively review new products to ensure the safety of its investors. The company said the plan will create a safe haven for investors who are too nervous to discover unknown waters in the crypto market:n
n”GBX will focus on the solid foundation of the new legislation in Gibraltar and strive to be the world’s first digitally regulated digital asset market and ecosystem in the world to move toward a new era of clear and stable blockchain technology world membership in the financial technology community Will find a secure and supportive and dynamic, encrypted community. “n
nWith the continued “BlockShow Asia” meeting, there will undoubtedly be more news. So please pay more attention to learn more about the latest situation.n

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