Blocktrail introduced a new bitcoin wallet, to guarantee the safety of bitcoin users

Blocktrail introduced a new bitcoin wallet, to guarantee the safety of bitcoin users

Recently, Blocktrail launched the company’s first bitcoin wallet to the market. Although the bitcoin wallet market competition, but on their own Blocktrail launched this new wallet very confident, because it can really solve the problem users are most concerned about security issues of currency.

Blocktrail in the company’s official blog on the details of the key function of the wallet, the wallet is not only using multi signature technology to increase security, it can also have a cross platform functionality, and only allow the owner of the private key access wallet purse. The company said that this means that regardless of any security issues, bitcoin will stay securely in the user’s wallet.

“If one day Blocktrail was hacked by the government or raid or Blocktrail server magically disappear, don’t worry, your bitcoin wallet is still safe, because we can not directly contact your bitcoin. This is not the same as most other bitcoin wallet, purse other companies usually served only bitcoin custody of the user role, and the safety of money is to the insurance company to be responsible for. Blocktrail wallet will be able to do this, is because the transaction is the signature in the user’s browser or mobile device on the client side, but not on the Blocktrail server, and the design of bitcoin itself, we can not go out to manipulate the broadcast transaction transaction. The center of the bitcoin wallet will bring people money at risk, so we have this wallet is what people need.”

The cross platform feature allows the user to use the wallet through the Internet and mobile phone. No matter where, in any case, it would have been in sync between devices. Users can download the wallet in the Apple App store.

Although bitcoin tracking performance is not always satisfactory, not enough to make the user completely trust, but Blocktrail CTO Reuben?? Fries (RubendeVries) said that consumers for bitcoin such financial options or alternative expect, so he hopes this new wallet can help promote bitcoin into the mainstream the consumer market.

Reuben?? Fries said in an interview with TechCrunch:

“I love the most bitcoin motto is” do your own people into the bitcoin bank. “The pace of the field will no longer be the bank.”

Blocktrail co-founder and CEO Boaz (BoazBecha) said Bicha?:

“Bitcoin community knows Blocktrail, so we have a user base. But bitcoin itself, users do not need to trust us, we can safely use the wallet. We can not hold bitcoin users run away, even if one day disappeared, users can still use this app to restore their wallet, this is our unique is different from other company’s wallet.”

Blocktrail wallet has P2P bitcoin payment function, so no matter where the user can send to others, or receive from others bitcoin bitcoin. Users can also use the Blocktrail wallet in any store to accept bitcoin. In addition, Blocktrail’s official blog on the details of this wallet is how to make bitcoin easier to send and how no one send bitcoin two-dimensional code.

“We try to make our wallets more friendly, at the time of the transaction, the user can not use bitcoin address. When you want to send your friend bitcoin, you no longer need to send them an e-mail to ask their bitcoin address. You can find the phone number from your telephone directory, enter a number, and then click ‘send’ ok. Our wallets can automatically create a new bitcoin address for your friends, and the bitcoin address has been verified in a phone number.”

Then this wallet is the most magical place where? Blocktrail said, HD wallet technology using this new wallet, you can ensure that users of bitcoin is safely stored, and let users enjoy full ownership.

“We think there is such a user can guarantee the real control of their bitcoin wallet is very important.”

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