Bloomberg point: bitcoin remains pessimistic in 2019

Bitcoin (BTC), a kind of encryption currency, although encryption market prices in the last week of 12 months showed a slight reversal, bitcoin earlier in the week to relatively low, now approaching $3700, but investors forecast for 2019 of the prospect of the industry is still disappointing.

Last week, according to EWN reports, encryption technology, billionaire investor Mike Novo Gallazzi (Mike Novogratz) said in a conference call on 2018, he the whole encryption money market conditions regret,

However, Graz joined the novo some positive elements in his statement to remind investors that prices may fall, but the password and the blockchain and universal acceptance in the past year has been on the rise. Although the Graz investment company, the Milky Way nouvo encryption digital holdings (Galaxy Digital Holdings) lost more than $130 million in the 2018 year of the Bell Sten period, but he can encrypt currency extended to 2019 years or more is still full of confidence.

Optimistic about the long-term support of encryption currency bitcoin, MS Graz (Novogratz) is still hope for the market recovery next year, but traditional financial institutions have more reason to doubt it. Bloomberg (Bloomberg) of the “opinions” (opinion) column at the end of this year forecast for 2019 was based on published opinions, more mainstream publications has become the indispensable FUD article, resonate in the encryption of investors.

Barry Rissac (Barry Ritholtz) a commentary written by “shocking 2018 prophecy” (“shocking 2018 prophecy” topped the list, the bitcoin and early bull market made a series of assumptions were made.

Although this year’s bitcoin transaction price is still close to the relatively low, digital assets from 2017 years 12 months of nearly $20 thousand to $3600 as of this writing, but bitcoin and encryption currency overall gloating mood is rising. Although just a year ago, traditional financial analysts also failed to predict the bitcoin will appear similar to the bull market, but from the “FOMO” and “I told you so” (I told you so) combination, they are lined up, ready to bitcoin market ranked first challenge. As we enter the last month of this year on the occasion, in 2018 continued bear cycle losses investors not what can be exciting. However, they successfully withstood the bitcoin storm of hatred.

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