BMW, Intel and Singapore block chain project of government support to achieve cooperation

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 BMW, Intel and Singapore block chain project of government support to achieve cooperation According to Coindesk reported recently, BMW group (Asia), Intel and Nelson jointly announced the support with the government of Singapore blockchain incubator project Tribe reached a cooperation.

According to reports, Tribe is a block chain incubator project supported by the Singapore government, as part of the Singapore Vc firm Trive Ventures. It is understood that in December last year, Tribe has announced a partnership with PWC (PwC) Singapore risk investment center and South Korea Icon Foundation block chain network cooperation. Last month, Tribe also cooperate with ConsenSys, to further promote the block chain ecosystem in singapore.

Tribe said the group (Asia) company, and Nelson and Tribe will share their expertise in their respective fields, to jointly build the “4 industry” to prepare for.

The daily planet Odaily note: “after the concept of industrial 4” was officially proposed the German government in 2013, the “intelligent” and become the leading theme of the fourth generation of industrial revolution.

BMW group (Asia) will provide guidance on how to implement the block chain solutions in the mass market in.

“We hope that we can help these startups to block chain chain block innovation concept, promote the block chain technology in people’s real life scenes of the landing.” Vice president of BMW Group Asia and Asia Pacific Regional Director Carsten Sapia said.

In fact, BMW had also with a number of block chain startups, at the beginning of 2018, block chain startups Circulor cooperation BMW group and in London, to ensure that the source of rare metal cobalt standard used in the electric vehicle battery. In March 2018, BMW and VeChain block chain company cooperation, tracking auto repair history and driving behavior. VeChain is a block chain of supply chain management and encryption currency company, mainly to provide the field of supply chain management solutions, help product quality tracking and authenticity management service.

On the other hand, Intel will provide Tribe services and technical guidance. “The privacy of Intel Xeon and Intel SGX extensible processor technology can help improve the block chain solutions, security and scalability,” Intel block chain project director Michael Reed said.

According to Cointelegraph reports, Intel at the beginning of 2019 has launched the Hyperledger ecosystem commercial block chain based software package.

Intel is a member of the Hyperledger cooperation project organization, organized by the Linux foundation and the IBM and other major financial institutions jointly organized. Intel announced its new product is designed to quickly and effectively to launch its own block chain design.

In addition, Nelson will provide a “sandbox”, its goal is to provide security for the participants, controlled environment, in order to test the new technology and the acceleration of its solutions.

Tribe managing partner Ryan Chew said: “at this stage we constantly to verify, once the blockchain technology dividend began to appear, so the mainstream scene of the block chain technology adoption will follow.”

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