BNP Paribas and Accenture Spanish companies test Nxt block chain technology

nnnRecently, Nxt (future currency) announced its focus on special and more daily life-related use cases, including the introduction of new voting mechanism and transparent international bank transfer business. Previously, Nxt mainly designed specifically for encryption technology developers and design functions. According to reports, Accenture Spain has used the block chain as a voting solution was tested, while BNP Paribas (BNP Paribas) is also on the Nxt-based private chain to test. And Nxt Jelurida co-founder said that these are only in order to achieve the use of block chain technology to change the world this ambitious goal taken by the first step.n
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nNxt (future currency), which provided features designed specifically for encryption technology developers, has turned its focus to more use cases related to daily life, involving the introduction of new voting mechanisms to the provision of transparent international bank transfers.n
nAccording to reports, Accenture Spain has used the block chain as a voting solution for testing. Although the polls on all public chains are traceable and transparent, the Nxt block is different in that the algorithm is able to maintain the voyager’s anonymity while achieving instantaneous counting.n
nBNP Paribas is also testing Nxt-based private chains to reduce restrictions on global remittances or purchases. BNP Paribas uses Nxt technology to develop a chain of chains that can reduce the burden on Faba customers, which the company calls “borderless cash projects.”n
nDevelopers said the Nxt platform would keep Fabra from swift code and agency banking restrictions, which often complicate international transactions. They promise that this is only the first step in using Nxt’s technology to ease the pressure on global international transactions.n
nJelurida co-founder and senior developer Lior Yaffe said:n
nn”I sincerely believe that block-chain technology has the potential to change the world.Nxt’s voting function, and the adoption of Nba technology by Faba, is the first step to achieve this goal.”n

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