Boeing uses blockchain to combat GPS spoofing attacks

nRunaway Comment: Boeing Co. to apply for new patents to explore how to use Blockchain to protect flight GPS receivers. The use of blockchain to save and protect data, in the event of counterfeit location information or can not receive information, you can withdraw from the Blockchain module location data. Thus preventing the wrong direction of the vehicle, and this system can be used for any type of vehicle.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Boeing Co. filed for a new patent, and the aircraft maker giants explored how to use blockchains to protect flight GPS receivers.n
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued an application on Thursday, the world’s most famous airliner developer, detailing the “onboard backup anti-spoofing GPS system” for unreliable or malfunctioning primary aircraft systems.n
GPS “deceit” is a fake signal to deceive other receivers. This attack can be used to confuse the GPS receiver, can not confirm the actual location of other objects.n
The application shows that blockchain data can be used as a backup record for information when anti-spoofing systems find potential troubles.n
n”This method further determines if the GPS signal received by the GPS receiver is a fake GPS signal and then revoke the location data from the blockchain storage module if the GPS receiver does not receive the GPS signal or receives a fake GPS signal.”n
nThe backup stores the environmental information received by the GPS as a fail-safe, preventing pilots from getting lost by providing the information typically required by GPS. The system can be used on any type of transport, both human-driven and non-human-driven.n
And this design is to deal with the lack of fault-tolerant technologies that validate vehicle address data. Therefore, if the GPS platform encounters a power outage or cheating attack, “Pilots, air traffic controllers and flight planners can not adjust themselves but feel comfortable reacting.”n

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