Both can eat and can trade the encrypted currency – Whoppercoin

nnnRecently, the Russian burger Wang Ganggang announced a use of Whoppercoin virtual currency to carry out the loyalty program. Through the plan, customers can not only trade in the exchange of such encrypted currency, but also to use these encrypted currency exchange Burger King Fort, which does not sound mean? It is reported that the Russian Burger King will be in September in the Apple Store and Google Play released the project application.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nHave you ever thought about trading some interesting items rather than boring things like oil, iron ore or stock? Perhaps hamburger? So now you can achieve it. Russian burger Wang Ganggang has announced a new loyalty program using a virtual currency called Whoppercoin, which is hosted on the Waves block chain platform. Waves allows the user to exchange and trade on a point-to-point exchange with a block-chain tokens with intrinsic value.n
nSo far a total of 1 billion Whoppercoin has been issued, and customers can get 1 Whoppercoin for every 1 ruble ($ 1 equals 59 rubles). Then they can use the 1700 Whoppercoins stored in the digital wallet to redeem a fort. Although there are some gimmicky elements that exist, but the client is still able to trade and transfer the currency, as if it were other encrypted money.n
nWhoppercoin even has its own exclusive asset page and describes it as “the purchase of burger at Burger King in Russia and the tokens on the stock exchange”. Russian Burger King said it will release the project application in September on the Apple Store and Google Play.n
nIvan Shestov, head of foreign communications at Burger King, said in a statement:n
nn”Fortress is now more than just one of the more than 90 people in different countries, and it is an investment tool.”n
nnAlthough Shestov said, “Now the Fortress is a strategy for future economic prosperity” may be somewhat far-fetched, but the free burgers I will still hold hands in favor.n

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