Bottos and RIVEXO jointly build the first block-chain robot at the end or will be available


Reporter: pencil leadn

nRecently, the reporter learned from the Bottos block chain community, by the Bottos block chain community and Shenzhen robot company RIVEXO jointly build the first block chain robot has been completed engineering prototype design, no accident, it is expected that the end of the project will soon be available Then
nBottos block chain community Chinese name platinum chain, is the first to locate in the artificial intelligence, robotics, networking and other areas of the center of the artificial intelligence data contract block community.n
nPlatinum chain based on the block chain technology to achieve the artificial intelligence data and models through the peer-to-peer network registration, transfer transactions to the center of the network protocol, and through intelligent contracts to help artificial intelligence project simple and quick access to training data, Mining A common, scalable, standardized, fully functional, easy-to-develop and collaborative one-stop application platform that enables personal data to generate wealth. To meet the artificial intelligence, robotics, networking and other fields of the company or project to create high-quality data sharing needs.n

nAccording to Bottos block chain project sponsor Wang Tingting introduction, the current market of artificial intelligence projects and robot projects because of the lack of sufficient quality data, so that robots can not achieve through self-learning evolution, so most of the products are reduced to a simple toy. But if you can make good use of the block chain technology, then the problem is solved.n
nThe ultimate pain of artificial intelligence lies in the data, how to quickly obtain the required training data, directly determine the evolution of artificial intelligence products. But it is very difficult to obtain data, especially to obtain real and effective data specific to the model.n
nHowever, the block chain because of its unique economic incentives and distributed database processing technology, can be achieved to encourage data sharing, security data security, credible, and can become an IP asset to achieve the flow of data transactions. If the data is fed with artificial intelligence milk powder, milk powder quality determines the artificial intelligence model is good or bad, then the data flow based on the block chain system will be able to provide the best artificial intelligence “milk powder.”n
nAfter nearly two years of preparation, the Bottos team and RIVEXO team to build a block-chain robot finally completed the first generation of product design and development.n
nAccording to the reporter was informed that Bottos will be held on July 21 ICO conference, then, at the press conference, Bottos will also be with the RIVEXO team strategic cooperation ceremony.n
nData show, RIVEXO is located in the world’s first wearable power to run the exoskeleton company, team research and development of exoskeleton robots are mainly used in the wild hiking, mountain climbing and other scenes.n

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