Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather advertises ICO on Instagram

nnnFloyd Mayweather has released an upcoming boxing match in Instagram, and also mentioned the upcoming ICO forecast market, Stox, said the two activities will make their own make a fortune. But the relevant news is not currently confirmed by himself or his spokesman.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAccording to most criteria, he is the world’s greatest boxer, recently also in the social media to announce the upcoming ICO.n
nCareer boxer career to create a number of records of Floyd Mayweather will be on August 26 against boxer Conor McGregor. Floyd Mayweather, who created a number of records in the career boxer, Mayweather sat on a private jetliner in front of a story, and predicted that he would make a fortune through the battle.n
nThe same information also predicted that he would make a fortune in the forecasting market Stox August 2 ICO.n

nThe SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that the ICO had to comply with its laws and regulations, and that the token could be seen as securities in some cases; it was important for the boxer to make a statement a few days later.n
nThe question is, is this news real? If so, how does Mayweather participate in the project? Although quite surprised, but the famous boxer to participate in the encrypted currency is not without precedent, Mike Tyson once supported the bit currency ATM.n
nMayweather spokesman did not immediately comment.n

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