Brazil held hearings to investigate whether into the regulatory bitcoin

Brazil held hearings to investigate whether into the regulatory bitcoin


The Brazil house of Representatives this week held a hearing to discuss a bill on whether to give the central bank supervision of digital currency of the country’s rights.

According to media reports, at the hearing, Brazil anti money laundering department, financial control board AntonioGustavoRodrigues, advocates should coordinate with other countries and international organizations.

The hearing is held by the Consumer Protection Committee of the house of Commons, a list of the Commission is weighing is not to be incorporated into the “virtual currency payment agreement”, the central bank will be incorporated into the scope of supervision.

According to information released by the hearing, including the speaker on behalf of AnselmoPereiraAraujoNeto from Brazil’s central bank, the chief executive of CoinBR RoceloFranciscoBezerraLopes, the Brazil Banking Association (BrazilianFederationofBanks, BBD) LeandroVilainJohn, and Research Institute, State University of CAMPINA GuilhermeSantosMello.

In the discussion, Rodrigues clearly expressed their opposition to the supervision of digital currency, pointed out that “the establishment of rules will convey the information security is money”. He then pointed out that at present there are no related crime and the digital currency, but he also said the bitcoin ATM has potential risk of money laundering.

The central bank said on behalf of AnselmoPereiraAraujoNeto, although the international model is also very important, but the construction of any regulatory framework must comply with the regulations in Brazil.

He said:

“We do not simply copy those international rules is not necessarily suitable for our situation, we need to be as transparent as possible, we will encourage new technologies that meet the market logic.”

At present there are governments around the world, including the European Union, are weighing whether to monitor in the related activities of digital currency, in an attempt to try to stop that rumors of terrorist financing using the technology. Earlier this week, it was reported that the G7 finance ministers meeting to discuss the matter in this a few months ago, and the organization for the first time announced plans to monitor digital currency activities to let all capital flows become more transparent”.

From the media platform: Sohu

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