Brazil lawmakers called bitcoin hearing

Brazil lawmakers called bitcoin hearing

Brazil congressman Manoel Junior called for a public hearing to discuss bitcoin digital currency and regulatory issues.

If the hearing on behalf of the Central Bank of Brazil will be invited to Brazil, the federal tax department, anti fraud Agency (Conselho de Controle de Atividades Fiancerias), the relevant representatives and local bitcoin industry.

CoinBR CEO Safiri Felix, as the only one is the official requirements of the company, related technical problems in the report to participate in the meeting to discuss the December 2014 Brazil Senate announced the time the report recommended that no need to regulate bitcoin.

Felix told CoinDesk: The government believes that the need to take the time to further explore this topic. We are trying to get the education department to help, to ensure that we are doing, will not affect the implementation of the Bitcoin The legal framework. We are trying to learn some of the practices from the United States, Canada and Europe, making bitcoin market development operation in a good legal framework.”

Felix admitted that he suggested at the meeting that can be experts from local universities and law firms at the early part of the argument.

Discuss the congressman Junior further elaborated in the relevant interests of the local government. He suggested that the original intention is to maintain the safety of the bitcoin market, this risk should be evaluated, in order to ensure the safety of technology becomes more and more widely used.

“Some issues related to the increased use of about bitcoin,” the teenager wrote. “Is it possible to replace the legal currency of payment, unit of account and a store of value? If so, how will this affect the country’s authorities ability to define monetary and exchange rate policies?”

Community response

Because yesterday announced the upcoming hearings in the local community is excited applause, someone very angry.

For example, Brazil entrepreneurs said, want more choice of the country bitcoin company to attend this meeting, but Felix believes that this is the best hearing is like this.

The report shows, in Brazil bitcoin information, “facebook” has become more active in the discussion.

Felix said the protests are mostly from the “liberal emotion”. However, he suggested that CoinBR actively participate in the whole process, making the local enterprises also need to be involved in the regulation of content.

In other places, the local bitcoin exchange FlowBTC CEO Marcelo Miranda, confirmed the negative effect caused by the hearing, he and CoinBR have different opinions in the hearings on the motives and problems.

“The hearing may be a right direction, or a process of the market, but the market is still in its infancy. We now know it is difficult to judge the information “Miranda said.

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