Brazil World Cup quiz part of the market will be replaced by bitcoin

Brazil World Cup quiz part of the market will be replaced by bitcoin

From the world cup in Brazil and a week, according to the British bitcoin Development Company Limited (Bitcoin Development LTD) official that their recent bitcoin game player and football enthusiasts conducted a social survey, investigation and analysis about 85% of the game player is looking forward to bitcoin passion collision with the world cup.


Bitcoin, a product of technology innovation, what is associated with the world cup?

Last month, Brazil launched bitcoin MasterCard debit card, a Brazil BitinVest exchange bitcoin bitcoin (MasterCard) launched a MasterCard debit card, bitcoin deposit, and then to the local currency real consumption in Brazil province. Issue facing the world, can use 1 million 800 thousand POS machine in Brazil province. This means that without the traditional currency can enjoy the world cup.

Before the 19 World Cup, fans are involved in the game periphery quiz countries in the use of currency, and in the 2014 World Cup, there will be a new quiz game, namely the use of bitcoin to participate in the quiz, you can enjoy the World Cup brings together with bitcoin quiz fun.

According to the British bitcoin development limited told that they have for the global release of P2PSLOT World Cup sports quiz game platform, P2PSLOT gaming platform will use bitcoin exchange game points in the form of quiz, and the world cup will try again to witness the bitcoin in the global circulation and convenience.

The world cup and bitcoin can collide, wait and see!

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