Brazilian government began testing block-chain authentication technology

nnnAs we know, many government departments are carrying out the chain block identity verification project, and now Brazil’s program, budget and management department also joined the ranks, began with Microsoft and ConsenSys cooperation related pilot. It can be seen that the block chain is further recognized and applied at the government level.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Brazilian Department of Planning, Budgeting and Management is piloting a block-chain authentication application by the global technology giant Microsoft and the ether-based start-up company ConsenSys.n
nThe department is testing how the ConsenSys uPort project provides technology to verify the legitimacy of personal files. This project is an “autonomous” identity system built on the etherfront, allowing users to access and control their own data.n
nThe department ‘s head of information technology said in a statement that the trial could help organize the potential of testing the chain – chain technology while building a new trust model between the government and society.n
nThe Planning Department was established in 1962 with the mission of coordinating government policy and budget management. As a result, the chain of chains in the global record custodian to carry out a broader survey function is very suitable for the sector.n
nIn recent weeks, some of the government departments such as the US Department of Homeland Security and the British Innovation have also announced similar projects aimed at promoting the development of local chain chains.n

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