Brisbane International Airport in Australia uses Bitcoin payments

nRunaway Comment: Queensland Australia hub Brisbane International Airport announced the beginning of support for encrypted currency payments, covering the airport shops and cafes. In fact, there are already a number of local businesses that have started using such payments. Because of the large number of investors in cryptocurrencies, many of them have overseas travel arrangements. Using cryptocurrency to pay can promote community development, improve customer experience, and support local businesses. Travelbybit, a partner company, already has a considerable network of local services. And the use of cryptocurrency at the airport has affected other countries as well.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Air travelers will soon be able to pay with encrypted currency at Brisbane Airport’s shops and cafes. Major retailers will accept several cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. Airport promises “unprecedented digital currency experience.” Local start-ups involved in the same project have already allowed 20 merchants to accept cryptocurrencies.n
Because it is reasonablen
This aviation hub in southeastern Queensland is poised to launch “based on decentralized blockchain payments” in partnership with a large number of retailers and local cryptocurrency payment system providers. The official website of the airport shows travelers can use the Travelbybit platform that supports bitcoin, ethernet, dash and other cryptocurrencies.n
n”This collaboration strengthens Brisbane Airport’s goal of promoting community projects, supporting local businesses, improving the passenger experience and becoming a leader in airport digital innovation.”n
nRoel Hellemons, general manager of strategic planning and development at Brisbane Airport Corporation, tips that many in the world invest in cryptocurrencies. Many of them travel worldwide.n
So it is reasonable to provide digital currency experience at the airport.n
Hellemons also stressed that BNE is the first international airport in the world to launch such projects. The purpose of working with Travelbybit is to ensure the successful implementation of the project. He praised the start-up in Australia for making Brisbane the birthplace of innovative thinking. “This is just the beginning, and we want to expand the digital currency options across the industry.”n
Travelbybit CEO Caleb Yeoh said:n
n”We are setting up a real travel money encryption case.” He also said that the use of digital currency in tourism is reasonable. “Whenever you travel overseas, you have to deal with a wide range of currencies, but you do not know how much the exchange rate is and how much your bank charges.” We are promoting bitcoin travel, which is used for global travel. It’s simple, secure and without a bank cost”.n
A cryptocurrency friendly airportn
Brisbane Airport operators also emphasize some of the benefits of encrypted currency payments. They preserve the user’s personal identity, eliminate third-party interference, support low transaction fees, low exchange rates, and low transfer times.n
Travelers can also pay for their meals in digital currency, such as Spoon, Windmill

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