British congressmen recommend bitcoin to be a local payment option

In December 10th, British local news media reported a statement The British Conservative member of Parliament said bitcoin to local authorities and public utilities payment providers will become possible.

The article points out, the UK Parliament constituency members Eddie Hughes north of Welsh said he is to have a knowledge of the password lovers. He pointed out that the blockchain gets a lot of attention, Congress has the responsibility to know it.

Eddie Hughes further explained that he met with researchers from the Royal National Lifeboat to accept the encryption of monetary donations recently, this meeting lets him think: “what can we stop bitcoin payment of municipal tax and other bills?”

As the “Cointelegraph” reported that at the end of November, the U.S. state of Ohio announced that the enterprise will be able to use bitcoin to pay taxes.

Eddie Hughes of Ohio, particularly in favor of using bitcoin payment options, he says: “you stand British encryption or go in front of the curve, or fall in behind the curve, and our country is now in an interesting position — we need to be regarded as a progressive country.”

According to reports, the recent encryption market collapse alleviated the UK financial conduct authority, hastily issued new password regulatory pressure. The Reuters reported previously in the urgent need to establish a supervision system, blindly take tough measures, this would damage the encryption industry.

Since the crash has occurred, the officials said, they can use more time to establish a balanced legal framework.

A crypto currency as the theme of the conference held in London, the British Ministry of Finance deputy director of financial services Gillian Dorner said, this is a can let us spend more time studying this problem, and take appropriate measures to ensure the opportunity.

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