British couple by 4 masked burglary criminals robbed of cash is not bitcoin

British couple by 4 masked burglary criminals robbed of cash is not bitcoin


In the south of England County of Oxford peaceful and wealthy village of Morse Ford, a British couple was robbed. And usually different, they were robbed of property is bitcoin.

According to the French “Tribune” website reported on January 29th, the cases occurred in the morning of January 22nd. 4 masked gunmen armed with weapons into a manor, there lived a pair of 30 year old couple, their business office also. The host computer will be forced to give in the bitcoin transfers, it is likely that this happens in the real world since the first case of robbery of virtual currency.

Reported that, although bitcoin prices from December 2017 nearly $20 thousand (about 127 thousand yuan) of the high falls to $11 thousand and 200 (about 70 thousand yuan), but the robbery loot is still valuable. There had been a lot of virtual money stolen, but most of them are intrusion trading platform or storage platform to steal. The robbery to remind people, although the block chain technology of virtual currency dependence to be cracked is known, but the virtual currency will be subjected to physical attacks, will give the owner a great risk.

Reported that this type of attack damage may be more serious than cash or credit card. American economist Roubini said on Twitter: “real money, armed robbery to get money will be relatively limited, or wallet may not have much money, or a bank teller machine daily withdrawal limit limit. But bitcoin is not the same person, robbery minutes to steal millions of dollars worth of bitcoin.”

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