British “first luxury exchange” to accept the encrypted currency to buy F1 car

nnnnDadiani u0026 Partners, a London branch of Dadiani Fine Art, a London-based art dealer, said Wednesday that it will launch the UK’s First Luxury Currency Exchange to release encryption for high net worth (HNW) investors and consumers The potential of money market. It is reported that the platform will accept the use of encrypted currency trading Formula One racing, and claimed to have achieved cooperation with Heritage F1. The project is progressing rapidly.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nLondon art dealers began to accept the use of Bitcoin and other cottage coins to buy, and has launched the so – called “first luxury encrypted currency exchange.”n
nDadiani u0026 Partners, a branch of Dadiani Fine Art, a Maydair dealer, said in a press release on Wednesday that the agency was trying to “unlock the potential for encrypted money markets for high net worth (HNW) investors and consumers.”n
nThe agency will operate as an intermediary and said:n
nn”This will enable luxury dealers and brands that do not currently accept encrypted money to build a new customer base and expand brand engagement.”n
nnDadiani Fine Art Gallery last month said it decided to accept Bitcoin and a variety of cottage transactions of art, the gallery founder Elena Dadiani described it as “intuitive” initiative.n
nShe said to the BBC:n
nn”For me, the block chain is the greatest innovation after the Internet.”n
nnDadiani u0026 Partners hastily launched a concise web site to outline its services, and the current project is progressing rapidly.n
nAccording to the website display:n
nn”The smartest mind in the traditional financial industry” will guide potential consumers through the asset acquisition process. The press release further announces that the sale of the product will include “artwork, real estate, luxury super running (sic), precious stones and private aircraft”.n
nnHowever the most surprising perhaps the platform will accept the use of the encrypted currency trading Formula One racing car and claimed to have worked with Heritage F1.n
nIf possible, Czech retailer Alza in the first half of this year also announced that customers can use Bitcoin to buy Tesla electric car decision, then this initiative will make Alza’s decision dwarfs.n

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