BTC fell $3500 in the downward trend

In the past day, the bear did not reduce their rage, continue to put the straw in the encryption of a camel’s back. For example, bitcoin (BTC) continue to be volatile, fell below $3500. Following the copycat currency as in the past, the total value of all encryption currency was less than $120 billion. As of press time, the flow of capital market has dropped to $113 billion, close to the lowest level since this year. With encryption currency prices fell by an average of 8%, 24 hours of trading volume also rose slightly, to $16 billion 500 million (adjusted $8 billion 300 million), while Ethereum World News had the market to update the display, encryption currency trading volume of $14 billion.

Now, let us discuss BTC. On Wednesday fell below $3800, the industry of household assets are higher than the price level found himself in several hours, not enough to fall. Wednesday night / Thursday morning, when burning the candle at both ends, BTC suddenly experienced an unexpected surge in a few minutes the assets from $3800 up to $3925. Although there are many candles that cannot be explained by the percentage in crypto is very common, especially in BTC, but the latest “Bart” mobile, like it like a brother, can not be fully explained. In any case, after the move, bitcoin began to fall, began a short downward journey, by turnover and market sentiment of different support, but unfortunately, most of the market sentiment is bearish.

This writing, bitcoin price of $3500, is almost the etheric Fang (Ethereum) “world news” (World News) reported so far this year lows. Interestingly, many analysts believe that $3500 is the investor’s interest, Daily FX Nick Cawley of MarketWatch said, “because of lack of the trend of the news, BTC may be found on the surface of the support at $3500. This call echoed inside the eToro expert Marty Greenspan (Mati Greenspan) password view. Greenspan recently pointed out that despite the $4000 resistance is close to zero, but at $3500 and $3000, the purchase pressure is deteriorating. In this process, the performance of XRP is lower than that of BTC 1%, to $0.31. Today, Ethereum (ETH) found themselves priced below $100, for the first time in more than a year fell to $91. Although the copycat coins followed by BTC to a great extent, but there are some significant outliers. Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash BCH) has recently been affected by the branch of a breakthrough, it is worth more than $100, or more than 20%, interestingly, the value of the dollar is close to ETH. A strong downward trend with BSV 19% BCH or directly related, some analysts expect bitcoin cash will flip bifurcation at the appropriate time. Interestingly, in the continued selling this, an unexpected theme began to appear in the fold of potential password. Of course, this topic is about the bitcoin market dominant position, this is a historical topic in this emerging market interest. Multinational management consulting firm at Kearney (A.T. Kearney) recently released a report, saying that the dominant position of the bitcoin market may “close” to the total market value of the currency 2/3 encryption. The American company says, because retail investors increasingly adopt the strategy to avoid risks, copycat coins have “lost luster”.

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