renamed Magnr, and the launch of bitcoin savings account renamed Magnr, and the launch of bitcoin savings account

Before the called of bitcoin derivatives trading platform has now changed its name to Magnr. At present, the company in the six month of the promotion period will be for users to provide a fixed interest rate in 2.18% bitcoin savings account.

After six months, the interest rate will become a platform spent by the user in the transaction fee decision variable. Magnr refused to disclose the specific transaction amount, but the total claimed earlier this year has more than 60 thousand transactions.

When asked whether the potential fluctuations in the price of bitcoin will affect the user interest, Magnr chief marketing officer Josh Blatchford stressed that bitcoin savings through positive return benefits users.

Blatchford told CoinDesk: “Even if bitcoin prices fell, the user is still in a better place than in your wallet position. Although the funds may have losses due to exchange rate, but the price fell to earn extra bitcoin, their loss is limited.”

In addition, Blatchford said users will use the interest rate on the chain of data block.

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