Bugu: Do not have custody penalties, motivate how to maintain?


Author: Davidn

Chengdu yesterday’s heat did not block the enthusiasm of community members, Bugu in Chengdu’s first Meetup event successfully completed. At the same time, as a product that emphasizes the role of the community, Bugu to all the presence of friends sent a fine gift, and will provide them with direct bounty coins reward. Also hope that September 2, Shenzhen, a lot of friends can join in.n
nAs we mentioned earlier, Bugu’s economic incentives are also significantly different from traditional forecasting markets:n
nPredict the error will not be punishable.n
nThis involves two questions: why do not you punish the wrong forecast; and if you do not punish, only how much of the token to stimulate the points, how could maintain continuous incentives?n

nBugu co-founder David is explaining the projectn
nNo penalty error predictionn
nBugu’s core design is to motivate users to provide valuable forecast data, so as to provide traders with important market sentiment reference. In the past, many of the existing forecast market, we will find market sentiment on the ICO project in the primary market performance showed a blind side of the optimistic. Behind the psychological game is that users predict the first priority is to prevent token money, rather than their own objective evaluation of the intrinsic value of the project.n
nOnce the risk of fined the token, the user can really express their own judgments on the project. However, it should be noted that the user data generated, although because of the large sample, high credibility, a more comprehensive reflection of the market sentiment, can be a reference for traders, but does not mean that traders must comply with such emotions Make a trading strategy, maybe they will reverse the operation. This is understandable: they need to pay for this to participate in the forecast of the user.n
nInvolved in Bugu’s game theory mechanism, will be more detailed later published, the current Decentraland technical director Esteban is assisting the Bugu team to carry out related research.n
nHow to continue to motivaten
nIn the absence of token fines, the predicted behavior of non-zero and the case, the problem is born naturally. We are also receiving the most questions in community feedback. Bugu’s predictive behavior, in the current first iteration design, there will be three main sources of incentive.n
n# 1 Forecast sponsorn
nWe have reason to believe that the seriousness and importance of the forecast are often positively related to the size of the user bonus that accompanies the forecast contract, since if the forecast sponsor is able to derive considerable revenue from the collection of such forecast data (or community exposure) There is enough motivation to provide a considerable token to the predicted participants. For example, the sponsor of the primary market forecast may be the project team itself – it now appears that their earnings are the most obvious, that is, the market sentiment judgments (should make this pre-sale – the proportion and price of the sale Policy adjustments) and direct community exposure.n
n# 2 data buyern
nBugu predicted real-time data is not transparent and visible, we will signal voting information into the state of the channel. This real-time data, especially when there is a considerable number of people involved, will become very practical value – the market participants, whether it is a market tokens or secondary market traders, have Full motivation to get such data and make the appropriate action. The value of the data here is clearly dependent on the number of participants in the forecasted behavior and the amount of BGT lockout. It is worth noting that it is precisely because the forecasting behavior still needs to lock the BGT, spamming will be effectively filtered.n
n# 3 Foundationn
nFirst chicken or eggn
nFirst high-quality forecast, and then attracted the two incentive providers, or the first large number of incentives, in order to attract more people to participate in serious, resulting in high-quality forecast?n
nThe answer is the first chicken.n
nThe Bugu Foundation has set up a 20% user incentive pool for the total supply of coins to kick start the entire business logic. So probably can be understood as “first buy a chicken.”n
nFinally, the Bugu platform is currently focused on the valuation of digital assets, that is, predicting the secondary market, and will not, and in the foreseeable future, no plans to add support to predict other events.n
nI hope this will basically sort out some of the problems, but also welcome to contact with our team at any time.n
nBugu, for more information please visit bugu.networkn

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