Bugu opening: on the ICO, you should know the two things

nnnThe author of this article is Bugu co-founder David, was former Chinese and British freelance translator, small ants overseas market manager, FourierPR co-founder.n
nnAuthor: Davidn
nThe author of this article is Bugu co-founder David, was former Chinese and British freelance translator, small ants overseas market manager, FourierPR co-founder.n
nLast year in June, the author is still in Chengdu for the VB developers do interpreter (VB Chinese is very slippery), everyone on the ether square hard bifurcation of things quarreling, I also suggested that friends 140 high flesh. Unexpectedly, from the second half of the First Blood, Wings and other projects began, ICO began to blossom everywhere, the price of Taiyuan has already stood 300 dollars.n
nWhy at that time no one knows that the etherra Square has such a big power?n
nThe information gap between the coins is so obvious that these long-term public information is no one concerned about or accept the letter, as we in this industry, information barriers still exist.n
nTo know that most of the information in Github, in the various projects in the community ah.n
nThe author then made the Fourier from the big brother, from Gnosis to BAT, from Status to Bancor, from Decentraland to Bodhi, and today the vast majority of domestic ICOs are passing on our hands and passing knowledge and information to the community a member of. We are also fortunate to be one of the most stable contributors of pencils.n
nHowever, the transmission of knowledge is not gentle, we found that most of the community members of the project content itself only accounted for about 20% of his attention, the vast majority of community participants, especially since the summer of the new, 80 % Of the problem focused onn
nn[Coin structure]n
n【Major Investor / Consultant】n
n【Exit channel and time】n
nValuation and pricen
nnThis has to make people dumbfounding, but in the rapid development of such a chain of industries, we should not go to tangled everything “should be how”, but should fully respect the community members of the demands. Bugu is such a platform, we use CryptoEconomy way, so that members of the community to be answered, the information flow, but also for the entire industry continue to provide higher value.n
nBugu can be understood as three levels, at the first level, that is, our first iteration, he is a strict sense of value discovery platform (predict the market), Bugu does not predict presidential elections or agricultural drought Is only concerned about the block chain tokens of the primary market and secondary market performance.n

nTherefore, it should be noted that, Bugu in the real application layer, rather than Bodhi / day count as the platform layer, there is no practical sense of the competitive relationship.n
nAt the same time, Bugu’s economic incentive mechanism and the traditional forecast market has a significant difference, that is, the error will not be punishable penalty.n
nThis is not only to remove the “gaming” policy risk, but also to achieve more accurate prediction, the user once there is no loss of token of the risk, there is no guess “most people options” psychological pressure, Willing to express their true thoughts: so that the output can reflect the real situation of the market forecast.n
nI think we will certainly ask, this way, who will provide a steady stream of user incentives? Let me sell off, next time again Syria.n
nWhat is more commendable is that Bugu’s work on market data collection is actually crowded into community members, so community members are bound to take into account the fact that most people will express their true ideas, and the real idea is based on the project itself Value judgments, it will force the community members to really learn to understand the meaning of each block chain project, rather than the surface of the “speculators thinking.”n
nBlock chain technology, or encryption economics, gives us the greatest inspiration is to use a smart incentive model to promote and guide people to move in one direction, spontaneously generate value. With this awareness, it is difficult for you to endure a clear dislocation, flawed or anti-human incentive model. The meaning of the center is probably so.n
nI hope the next time you can “pinch”.n
nBugu, for more information please visit bugu.networkn

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