Build “capacity” for AR, VR and 3D content

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Imagine the next revolutionary change in online retailing, with an interactive 3D image shopping experience. A ecosystem that provides a broader, faster, and easy to enhance reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 3D content.n
The above is not a fantasy. Rather, it represents a new world, a combination of block chain technology and virtual reality (VR) that provides valuable use cases for the business world. Content creators can also benefit from block-chain technology and AR / VR combination – validate asset (content) ownership, receive royalty through smart contracts, and encourage collaboration.n
The leader of combining AR / VR and block chains is Cappasity, which aims to develop new standards and provide easy-to-use and extensible platforms for 3D, AR / VR content creation, embedding and analytics. This new system allows users to create, rent and sell 3D content that can be embedded into an application or website for immersive experience.n
Click here to see the types of 3D models that can be generated and shared via the platform.n
Cappasity appeared in an exciting new development in countless vertical areas such as the medical, automotive, gaming, entertainment, arts and education industries. The company is using block-chain technology to build a mobile switching network that makes it easy for users, developers, and businesses to benefit from 3D image creation, embedding, and trading.n
This innovative platform can create and share 3D and AR / VR content.n
Cappasity was able to develop a scanning software for Intel RealSense 3D cameras, one of the UK’s collaboration projects and one of the Intel collaboration projects. After the angel rounds to $ 1.8 million, the company launched its platform and 3D digital software beta in January 2017. The ecosystem is very particularly divided into two layers, the market and the infrastructure layer.n
3D value propositionn
The Cappasity platform provides 3D creators and publishers with the tools to monetize and share ideas through tagged ecosystems.n
Kosta Popov, founder and CEO of Cappasity, is driving the company’s support for a decentralized economy through block-chain technology, saying the company is able to address the fundamental issues facing content creators.n
Popov said:n
n”Well-known luxury retailers have implemented our 3D imaging integration and the conversion rate has increased by 30% to 40%. We are pleased to offer innovative content creators the opportunity to participate in the AR / VR content revolution.”n
Cooperation n
In order to show the company’s progress, Cappasity was recently selected to participate in the Lafayette Plug and Play, a leading innovation platform and accelerator, designed to power the next generation of retail and fashion companies.n
Lafayette is located in Paris, twice a year to choose the best start-up company like Cappasity to promote cooperation with partners, including Carrefour, Galeries Lafayette, Tesco, Tesco, Lloyd, Cole, Lacoste , Kering and Lotte.n
As a result, Cappasity has worked closely with corporate customers, including some of Europe’s leading retailers, to integrate its platform into its online store to provide VR / AR business solutions.n

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