Build China’s Chain Chain Technical Standards and Brands – Interview with Achain Project Founder Cui Meng

nnnIn the development of Achain project, Cui Meng said Achain is a basic platform, the company has long been with this technology, now launched this project is mainly affected by the impact from the ether square. The great success of the tower is that he believes it is necessary to build China’s technology and brand. “At this time, we need to stand up to build China’s technical standards and brands.”n
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nRecently, the Achain team released a white paper that describes a smart contract platform for enterprise-class distributed applications that can help traditional industries migrate traditional centric applications to smart contract platforms to meet new global Innovative background.n
nAt present, the three-stage roadshow of the Achain project has ended and will be carried out by ICO. For this block chain pencil ( on the concern of some of the issues, interviewed Achain project founder Cui Meng.n
nWe first know Cui Meng, may still be through its president and founder of the fruit treasure project. In fact, as an early participant in the block chain, Cui Meng has long accumulated a wealth of experience in the theory and practice of block chain technology, according to his own goal, its goal is to provide global users with leading digital assets service.n
nAs a young entrepreneur after 85, Cui Meng is undoubtedly the leader of the peers. Because in the area of ​​the chain of outstanding achievements, he was less than 30 years old when the national electronic information industry won the title of outstanding entrepreneurs, selected Zhongguancun 2016 annual venture star of the future, and selected well-known entrepreneurial service media “entrepreneurial state” Business Fraternity List.n
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n2010 Cui Meng graduated from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In college, he gradually formed his own on the Internet and the idea of ​​entrepreneurship. After graduation he entered a state-owned enterprise in the East. During this period, he had access to Bitcoin. After reading the relevant white paper and documents, he thinks the project is very innovative. Then as a community enthusiast, he began to invest in Bitcoin, and participate in the promotion and popularity of Bitcoin in the country.n
nIt is understood that in May 2014, out of the block on the chain of strong interest, Cui Meng made a special trip to Beijing to participate in the 2014 World Bank International Conference Beijing, met the year when the internship Sun Jiangtao, the two blocks of the chain Views coincide, so that he felt more and more in this wave of technology in the work of a certain determination, in the chain of chain business ideas also budding.n
nThe creation of fruit treasuren
nBased on the understanding and confidence in the block chain technology, in 2015, Cui Meng founded a digital chain wallet based on the chain of money, less than two years will be a million dollars in the level of financing. Cork is a wallet tool that utilizes block-chain technology to provide users with safe and efficient digital asset management and consumer services.n
nCui Meng said that the positioning of the project is a global project, at home and abroad at the same time, is committed to creating global influence. The current development of the project is very good. The security, objectivity, transparency and timeliness of the block chain payment are a kind of improvement compared with the traditional payment.n
nGoal: Beyond the ether squaren
nAchain, an efficient enterprise-class distributed application platform, has realized a complete intelligent contract virtual machine with independent intellectual property rights, and has a unique RDPOS distributed consensus mechanism, which is unique in enterprise distributed applications Advantage of a platform.n
nCui Meng said that the future with the continuous progress of technology, the company’s projects will continue to update, the goal is to build a global technology leader. In the previous road show, Cui Meng also stressed that the use of their own years in the area of ​​the chain of the rich experience and strong resource advantages, have confidence to create a global chain of TOP 1 block chain projects and communities.n
nIt is reported that Achain project the ICO’s goal is to raise 3,000 BTC. The project will contribute to the building of global influence, and is expected to build a global user center in London, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Hong Kong. In the ecological construction of a better application, improve the platform of the ecological. After completing the ICO, the project will meet the user as soon as possible.n
nSpeaking of the development of Achain project, Cui Meng said Achain is a basic platform, the company has long been with this technology, now launched this project is mainly affected by the impact from the ether square. The great success of the tower is that he believes it is necessary to build China’s technology and brand.n
nn”At this time, we need to stand up to build China’s technical standards and brands.” Cui said.n
nnThe block chain provides a platform for the operation of the smart contract, and the business logic realized through the intelligent contract on the block chain platform can not be tampered with, and it is difficult for hackers to attack a node in the block chain system. The whole network of downtime. However, the existing block chain platform, such as Bitcoin, Ethernet Square, super books and other aspects of performance and other aspects of the disadvantages, can not be large-scale commercialization.n
nAchain uses its own RDPOS distributed consensus to optimize the different consensus mechanisms required for smart contracts on a DPOS basis. In Cui Meng’s view, the original mechanism based on the transfer of account information, and intelligent contracts have developed new features, RDPOS mechanism in the original technology has been adjusted, more suitable for the development of intelligent contracts.n
nAccording to Achain’s official introduction, Achain’s design provides a sandboxing mechanism, which is a full-featured simulator that allows users to enter the sandbox without having to use tokens, but to access all the chain functions and quickly verify you Of the contract. In the local contract simulator, when the simulator is successfully debugged, and then formally on the chain, not only can reduce the probability of error contract on the chain, but also reduce the cost of debugging contracts.n
nIn this regard, Cui Meng is confident to the chain pencil ( said: “The Chinese team led by the global team, through the globalization of resource interaction, to build a better platform than the ether square.n
nCooperation and futuren
nCui Meng frankly, the current Achain platform is not on the line, but at this stage has been prepared more than 30 good projects and companies, the future cooperation is mainly chain-chain enterprises and game companies, and later will cooperate with other industries.n
nAs one of the earliest participants in the chain chain, Cui Meng believes that there is a steady stream of power to promote the development of this industry, and is very alarming speed in the global spread. He believes that the chain of this area in the future can achieve the degree of development of Facebook, can spawn a huge ecological out, but the organization is slightly different.n
nAccording to statistics, over the past year, ICO-based financing has exceeded the traditional VC in the area of ​​chain investment. In Cui Meng’s view, ICO hot because the market is too good, and then the market will gradually calm down. He is very optimistic about the late development of ICO, because the project will be more intense competition, there will be more high-quality projects.n
nCui Meng’s ambition to achieve it? Can Achain be accepted and approved by the customer? We take the wish, look forward to the platform after the real market performance.n

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