“Bull market greed, bear market to zero”, once the bitcoin millionaire so sigh!

Bitcoin currency code crazy performance in the last round of the bull market, has created a large number of millionaires and billionaires, with the market into a bear market cycle for nearly 1 years of time, once the bright lights begin to fade. “I was rich, now became poor…… People say that you can’t afford not to invest the loss of things, don’t get lost in your life will change the password monetary profit, “Peter McCormack password money podcast said so.

This is his experience in the past two years in real life, he worked in the password money market investment of $32 thousand, up $1 million 200 thousand in assets account, and now in Namibia after tax almost become nothing, his story is a representative, for newcomers will help.

“This is a story of my investment of $32 thousand, then to $1 million 200 thousand, the final story is almost zero (in after tax).

Please note that I am not complaining, in the past two years, I had an amazing trip, had to travel around the world have been rich, now became poor.

In December 16th 16, my advertising company went bankrupt, a little money I have left, then in the bitcoin currency, and Ethernet has invested $32 thousand. When they started to rise, I began to disperse a variety of digital money, Monroe reached the world currency, coins, and even reboxetine currency the waste, everything continues to rise.

To 17 years in March, I feel the summer had 30-50 dollars, I often come up with 25% past profits, but really to the end of the summer, I became very greedy, then put all the money in 17 years, to December, the digital currency value of investment has reached me 1 million 200 thousand dollars.

I think he is a genius, he decided to start a group of business, although it sounds silly, but my goal is to earn $5 million, because I want to buy the Bedford Town Football Club, and then let them into the league, but as long as the password money market continue to take, so I probably only 6 months.

So, I’m planning a 5 source of income:




Mine pool;


Yes, the business is a person in my individual combat):

But as the market began to collapse, I chose to ignore, I always think they will come back, because 2017 years when the market collapse over 4 times. But they are not.

Mining is the most troublesome thing:

70 ant S9+70 DragonMint, the mining investment is about 30 million.

Mining business is profitable in the first month, only second months to maintain the balance of payments, since then has been in a loss. The problem is, I have been trapped in the mine in the fixed payment contract costs 18 cents.

Every month mine will buckle my BTC to pay the bills. The final payment of $19000 to terminate the contract.

Mining business is still at a loss, but overall not many. I think I will soon sort out the business, and accept it failed (this also may be in the bottom position).

Basically at a loss every month, which makes my BTC balance in decline.

I am in the peak period, I have about 150 BTC, but after the transaction garbage coins, I lost BTC, and earned $. When I finally realized that, my BTC position has dropped to about 80BTC. With some money I have started after the collapse, I began to reduce the money line.

So basically, greed and excess ambition destroyed could have changed my life capital. I pay the payment voucher, almost all things are gone.

The good news is that I have a podcast, it is producing income now, it is more reliable.

If my blog has become bad, I will sell most of the remaining BTC as insurance. I am a father, I must be responsible for my child.

I don’t need any sympathy and donations. In this regard, of course I regret, but I feel happy things.

If there is a bull, and you earn a lot of money, so remember to cash, do not over stretch.

People say that you can’t afford not to invest the loss of things, don’t get lost in your life will change the password monetary profit among.

In any case, for any that I am trying to flatter bitcoin people, I want to say that my position is very small, bitcoin may reach $100 thousand, and my life will not have a substantial change.

This is the reason I sympathize with the extremists, all of these coins and token really stupid.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have this story, if you want to do what you can to support my podcast, even for iTunes’s comment is also helpful. This is my whole point.

Bitcoin long live!

Yes, forget one thing, saving money is very important, when there is a lot of money in my account, I will swell: new clothes, first-class cabin flight, to the family of red envelopes, charity, laugh at a loss of $25000 in Confido…… The list is inexhaustible:)”

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