Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

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 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

17 years after the blockchain into public view in speculation under the leadership of then more and more people involved in this field is considered to be the era of opportunities torrent. Many of them like Sheri Kaiserman in Wall Street securities industry 18 years investors have “Washington Post” media giant, vice president of strategy, people are expected to stand on the outlet of a smooth take-off, to prove their roots in traditional industry for many years to exercise a keen sense of smell.

But in this chain blocks the effect of making the rich, strong speculative property while adding a very low threshold small circle, who resume bright industry leader who turned back, nor are the pursuit of innovation and breakthrough of the brave story. Some “tainted” bankers hope to seek a new way of business here; some speculation is expected to continue to defraud here habitual tricks; and those in the wave of the wave of entrepreneurship defeated the losers more hope blockchain play a nice turnaround.

This encryption block chain once the geek plots, now is more like a loser who set the finish, writing a glorious little more dismal.

Resume stunning “tainted” banker

The second half of 2018, after the EOS network smoothly, EOSIO protocol behind the development of, the creative team in addition to the CEO Brendan Blumer and CTO Daniel Larimer almost all home, which was founded more than a year of start-up companies experienced a top executives big shake.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Source: official website

With 16 years of experience in banking before the Bank of Commonwealth of Australia (CBA) chief financial officer Rob Jesudason, after leaving the old club on office group president, Australia’s largest bank from the second incarnation as second in command in charge of a market value of more than $3 billion of the company’s chain block encryption currency, the management of this company the Executive Committee, responsible for overseeing the process of company executives key decision-making and strategy execution.

Rob Jesudason can be called “amazing resume”. From 1994 the first job after graduation Aston University management professional is cooperate with general electric, after four years of service in the McKinsey, in the 16 years of work in the bank were served as Barclays Bank, JPMorgan bank, Credit Suisse, Bank of Commonwealth of Australia and its subsidiary Oakland savings bank executives. This occupation resume anywhere are sparkling, but if combined with the Australian banking frequent scandals and regulators of bank executives cleaning, we have reason to suspect Rob Jesudason to the cause and the role in whether he has the ability to serve as a supervisor.

In December 2011, Jesudason joined the CBA from Credit Suisse resigned as executive director, responsible for the group’s development strategy; in the same month, Jesudason’s colleague Ian Narev at McKinsey when CBA served as ceo. In the 7 years Ian Narev took over, the Bank of Commonwealth of Australia is the biggest contribution to achieve profit growth of several years, 2016 CBA annual profit record, reached 94.5 million Australian dollars; 2017 years after tax profit of more than 99 million Australian dollars.

But earnings rose at the same time, also frequently broke the scandal. Has pointed out a special investigation of Corners American Broadcasting Company Four broadcast, the Federal Bank Insurance Department CommInsure uses unethical means to refuse to illness or dying insured claims.

In 2014, CBA to the applicant is not disease, gastric ulcer or other intestinal diseases and other reasons refused to consult a doctor, suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer Noel Stevens claims; the same year, the 37 year old Evan Pashalis was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, two doctors diagnosed his life less than a year, when he to the federal bank for payment, the same is rejected, the reason is that the bank hired third doctors think he has a 30% chance of living for a year; a similar case was diagnosed with severe depression and permanent is not suitable to participate in the work of the former employee of CBA Matthew, Nicholas Bishop in lung cancer patients. CBA’s former chief medical officer of Koh Four Corners program group said that during his tenure, he and his team are often under great psychological pressure to modify medical advice, to enable the company to reject a claim.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

To 2016, Australia about 4 million people is the Federal Bank Insurance Department of the insured, the annual premium of approximately $2 billion 500 million, net profit of the first half of the bank insurance business is only about $191 million ($270 million).

But need a little extra attention is Rob Jesudason CBA served as executive director of the international financial services in Hong Kong from 2014, responsible for Chinese, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa’s retail commercial banks and international growth in life insurance business.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Photograph: commbank 2017 earnings

In addition to the insurance business scandal, the Bank of Commonwealth of Australia is facing interest rate manipulation, financial fraud and improper charges and other charges. CBA worked in the financial sector financial planner Don Nguyen also claimed that, in the CBA sales staff to judge standard of enterprise culture, many customers are forced to buy some are not suitable for their own products, resulting in financial bankruptcy, in order to better performance, he even had forged the signature to the customer, additional income the cost, and in the case of unauthorized users for investment accounts. In the survey results later, a subsidiary of CBA Commonwealth Bank Financial Planning and BW Financial Advice in financial services do not provide the case to as many as 31500 customers for improper charges, in accordance with the provisions of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, they shall refund to users $143 million.

Even more shocking is that Australia had four rows of allegations of improper charges totaling more than $2 billion. Serious financial services chaos prompted regulators decided to rectify the Australian banking industry in jeopardy.

In June 2017, Ian Narev announced the appointment of Jesudason as the bank’s chief financial officer, said the rapid change of economy, regulation and competition pattern has a keen perception.”

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

However, in the Jesudason CFO as the only 2 months after the Australian financial crime watchdog, reporting and analysis of Australia trading center accused federal bank in violation of relevant laws and regulations on anti money laundering and anti terrorist financing, said it failed to properly monitor and report a total of up to 6.247 billion of suspicious transaction records; from the year 2012 the bank violated the law of anti money laundering operation up to 53700 times, 3 years at least 4 a criminal group by using intelligent deposit machine of the bank deposit illegal funds of nearly 7500 million Australian dollars, some of them involved in the drug trade.

The same month, before the bank announced the annual results, the CBA board announced that all the short-term bonus cancelled CEO Ian Narev group and other executives of the 2017 fiscal year, and the confiscation of part of 16 years of earnings. Ian Narev so a total of $4 million 800 thousand was recovered, the salary is about 55% a year ago, Jesudason was recovered $1 million 545 thousand, 17 years in the hands of more than 16 years pay for less 1 million dollars. Later, people on the bank excessive executive pay, held a number of strikes in protest activities, at the beginning of the March 2019, Australia four bank executives the highest annual salary cuts of $500 thousand; the average Australian state bank executives annual salary cut by $230 thousand to pay a total of more than $100 million.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Photograph: commbank 2017 earnings

In April 2018, Ian Narev for money laundering scandal left a month ago, the bank institutions involved manager, technical director and human resources executives have left; at the beginning of May, CBA acknowledges that trader in February 2012 to June during the 5 manipulation of bank bill swap rate, and paid a $25 million fine; a week later Jesudason, leave.

Regulators strict rectification means that the financial sector in Europe almost reshuffle, four lines of CEO two were fired, ANZ CEO on 2016 to the public apology misconduct; chairman of the National Australia Bank early retirement, ANZ bank 200 employees (including high tube) turnover, 400 current and federal bank former executive director and general manager to be held accountable.

The survival situation, the banking industry serious drop of the salary pushed Rob Jesudason to block the harbor chain.

In addition to Jesudason, in November 2018 also appointed former Bank of Commonwealth of Australia investment development and financial restructuring department executive general manager Steve Ellis as chief financial officer; in July 2018, the Australian accounting firm PWC director Ben Ingram resigned and joined as CEO encryption currency exchange.

Royal Bank Commissioner Kenneth Hayne announced at the end of 2018, a 1000 page interim report said “sales become the focus of banking and financial services entities, these banks internal incentives are in the pursuit of profit. The greedy culture has been prevalent in the Australian financial industry executives.”

Today, the “culture of greed” and found this piece of fertile land block chain.

Speculative nature Star project founder

Unlike the Rob Jesudason high bankers this identity, the nature of some people by glamorous resume also difficult to conceal their speculative dealers.

The second half of 2017, the pressICO block chain consulting company founder Jerry Ji Guo and chairman of the domestic listed companies in Kunlun Zhou Yahui jointly launched the blockchain web video content sharing platform ICST, and launched the ICO project at the beginning of the line also got Li Xiaolai’s investment. In the ICST official propaganda, Jerry said they had Ji Guo and “American Idol” and “voice of America” two columns made of cooperation, he released a promotional video title is “American Idol” tour of Asia encryption platform.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Excellent resources plus big platform, ICST in ICO days mad extravagant embrace by a large number of investors, raising the scale of billions. At that time Ji Guo to block chain serial entrepreneur identity in the currency circle to mix of wind, its marketing ability is generally recognized by the industry, because he claimed to have helped the polymath project raised more than $100 million. From the resume, he indeed is one of the best “smart people”.

The filtering algorithm of 2003 only 15 year old Ji Guo with Bayesian statistical spam written independently, AI won the prize for the achievement issued by the American Association for artificial intelligence of high school students at the Yale University School of economics; in 2008 he began to practice in the “Newsweek”, and in the next few years as a freelance writer, regularly as the “New York Times” and “Washington Post” feeds.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Jerry Ji Guo AAAI in the American Association for artificial intelligence winning record

In 2009 years, after graduating from the University of the very next day, Jerry Ji Guo alone came to Amsterdam, here spend all their savings, then bought a ticket to Iran, the capital of Tehran, going to Tehran university professor of entrepreneurship courses. But when he arrived, just to catch up with the violence in Iran after the election, the University closed frequent conflicts, Ji Guo lost here when the teacher the opportunity. So he penniless in a local hedge funds looking for a job, begin to work during the day, at night with the anti-government youth Iran running with life, and the experiences recorded, published in several media he often submitted on.

“Newsweek” internal staff said, by virtue of these works, he was at the time of the new “news weekly” editor of the international Fareed Zakaria personally hired as a foreign correspondent, so in Iran during the “Twitter revolution”, Jerry Ji Guo became the most in Tehran after a Western reporter. For a first news industry, so the starting point is not low. But a wise man once was blinded by the material will inevitably go astray.

We can feel the reporter writing at the age of 21:

“Every day I have to go to work in the city’s most expensive shopping avenue Fayyazi, after selling Calvin Klein jeans, Gucci handbags, Dior perfume and Vitoria Secret lingerie boutique. At lunch time, I was discussing the merits of blackberry and iPhone and Iran at the same time.”

“The table at the Pyongyang casino on wasting a lot of time, but you will soon forget. I recently got a rare opportunity to travel here, I look forward to seeing the real scene like the movie “1984” in the same. But North Korea made me feel more like the “trump card” spy 4, only a few of the sexy blonde.”

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Jerry Ji Guo interviewed on a cruise.

The pursuit of material life contributed to his opportunistic habits. As early as 2008, the U.S. online travel website editor of AOL Grant Martin Ji Guo found that the company’s internal management system will use the old articles hanging in the browse list, to earn double pay, so he was fired. Later, Martin said “we even found him in an attempt to blog on the company’s website for $5 per price to rent out.”

Until 2011, he didn’t have his use of his position to obtain illegitimate income. Yes, except for the money, he also used his identity from the interviewee to get luxury and free international travel. In his “Newsweek” after the end of the internship, the legal department of the magazine received 12 letter about his complaint, questioned the person in charge of Thailand Tourism Bureau, why should arrange five-star a free trip to Thailand for the Guo and its companion photographer.

Later, Ji Guo admitted in an interview at the time, “Newsweek” has a special introduction of high-end lifestyle and luxury travel program called “good life”, this column often put the soft and some luxury advertising collocation together. “If I want to contribute to a free trip, I would tell the interviewee, we are a better life column group.” 9 2011, the “good life” when Ji Guo paid internship is over, and the “Newsweek” refused to renew.

But if Ji Guo knows in his media career, should not end.

After leaving the Newsweek, he and the Yale University alumni Michael Waxman set up a marriage social platform Grouper, and declared to obtain YCombinator investment. Grouper to position itself as a social club, to produce three male and three female line dating; at that time, with the same positioning of an American group dating site called Ignighter. In order to know the “Ji Guo”, then to the “the Atlantic issue” written by Ignighter CEO Adam Sachs interviewed, and chat for an hour, collecting information for his new company.

Adam Sachs recalls: “Guo and another interview, he also sent me some of his work during the” Newsweek “paper clip as evidence. I later learned that he is one of the co founders of Grouper. They asked a lot of questions, but a few weeks after the end of the interview, I have not seen the news manuscript published”.

After the deception event, Jerry Ji Guo not only from their start-up companies, even the boycott from traditional media in the United states. The media circle is completely mixed up.

Boycott in the United States, Ji Guo simply came to Beijing to open a net red burger. With a strong marketing capability and returnees identity, burger business in the first two years of the fairly fast, but there is no wall in the world, not to mention the Internet era. In the public comment, we see a netizen revealed Ji Guo in the United States through deception.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

In 2016, Ji Guo began to venture to no avail to block chain industry, so there is a scene at the beginning of the story, from the “media cheater” mixed block chain gangster position seems to be good, but that is not the case. In June 2018, ICST once the line fell 60%, almost zero; and in the Ji Guo help raise billions of funds Polymath projects, in fact only 1 and a half months and he maintained relations of cooperation, in addition to the Facebook because he bought some water to create a false popularity to cheat the advance payment from for $50 thousand, didn’t do what.

Unfortunately the speculative nature Jerry Guo always Ji he did not get rid of the nature of fraud. In August 19, 2018, ICST launched two months, he for publicity in the overseas, unauthorized use of backup key, bypassing the double signature user accounts in the presence of bitgo, BTC and ETH $about 3500000 investment funds repeatedly transferred to their private purses. Three months later, Jerry Ji Guo by the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation on suspicion of telecommunications fraud arrested.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Jerry Ji Guo 8 18 19 in April on several times to raise funds transfer to your own personal Wallet

Source: California District Court indictment

You will find the Jerry Ji continue to dig deep into the Guo is simply a treasure boy, from the beginning to dig his black chained and thrown into prison a heap of material. The founder of Grouper, a user claimed that: “although Grouper claims that the use of matchmaking algorithm, but Guo still after by simply browsing the Facebook, rely on manual match date your intuition, to play a role.” Open; burger, Burger was moldy because of the use of the customer to the poor; consult the ICO project, it is not only money to work, forcing the public partner reminds practitioners to avoid Jerry Ji Guo at all costs “.

Speculative nature is hard to change, when lies in familiar field “, the blockchain became his place to continue to defraud.

By the transformation of the Internet elite collective entrepreneurship

The blockchain is probably a local current technology can best embody the inclusive. Whether or not you have the experience of Daniel, whether the light will not affect you to join them, so all of a sudden, block chain not only became the new mainland bankers and speculators, became a refuge for entrepreneurship losers.

By the end of 2017, LETV sports capital chain rupture, CEO Lei Zhenjian, chairman of goofy for violation of the articles of association of the company by investors sued, originally holding 4 billion 700 million copyright music as sports IP, fame almost across the board collapse, and in the complex ownership structure, the company restructuring plan was difficult to advance, seeing the replay LETV hopeless, Lei Zhenjian resigned due to illness. The music group and the actual power of people Jia Yueting fled overseas, the Music Department of the business trip can be basically failed, leaving only the plight of the employees in the test the edge of unemployment.

After Lei Zhenjian departure, restructuring plan lasted nearly half a year to internal staff can not reach a consensus ended. In this case, the new capital investment company blockchain Pai CEO Wang Xin participated in and completed the equity financing of music as sports, it is worth noting that he is also the founder of ENT entertainment chain. Wang Xin has a strong background in the entertainment circle, ENT launched on the Quan Zhilong, T-ara, Clara and the stars of the station in 2017 after a 94 year, culminating in the policy window period to raise the public’s ENT raised nearly 500 million yuan in four months.

In May 2018, under the guidance of Wang Xin, former CTO Zhou Wenjian led the original music as sports development and operation team of more than 30 people to the collective block chain, announced in 16 years with a $300 million acquisition of the sports broadcast platform octopus TV modeled, related R & D block chain technology, plans to build on the block chain technology broadcast short video content platform “pilaf”. At that time the project has received a $5 million investment in new capital and set up the Pai Pai, Wang Xin new block chain technology company responsible for the pilaf business.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

Photograph: eye check

The music department staff after passive business failure, opened with vigour and vitality in the transformation of the way. The platform with its own original pilaf advantage project — football commentary, launched during the world cup in June 2018. Zhou Wenjian said to give the Reds platform integral pilaf and KOL have issued the blockchain, prompting each KOL to produce their own content. But after the transition team did not inherit the pilaf music as sports the importance of copyright gene, Zhou Wenjian even said: “we have learned from a bit of music as sports, early Internet products can have some lightweight style, such as the product model ran through the discussion of copyright issues.” And this is also for the transformation of the road doomed bumpy foreshadowed.

Shortly after the world cup, 2018 World Cup CCTV new media and telecommunications transmission channels designated official partner Migu company Yizhisuzhuangjiang unauthorized license to broadcast 2018 World Cup pilaf platform on the court, after the July Hangzhou intellectual property court hearing, delete the program immediately pilaf platform requirements. As a sports team with strong desire to survive and not for their success in the field of the block chain, at least until today has not. At present, the average daily amount of live pilaf IP browsing at around twenty thousand.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape


When we want to get more information on the team, but was surprised to find the original music as sports CTO weeks in the sword, led the British data show that he is music as sports Senior Software Engineer; and led them down the blockchain road of Wang Xin, is a coin circle cut chives. 1 2018, a ENT online exchange in the break state for a long time, 7 months prices fell 99%; and after the line 3 months, ENT officials began to stop all propaganda activities, until today, the project team has almost no news, suspected disbanded.

 Business bigwigs Coin Ring escape

After the venture failed and the transformation of the road it is not easy, but the blockchain or losers provides a way to explore. With the music experience is similar to our team in 2015, Nora founder Wang Xin (the king Xinfei Peter Wang Xin) on suspicion of illegal pirated content and convicted of imprisonment, Nora was fined 260 million yuan due to the infringement, on the verge of bankruptcy. Wang Xin after the fall, the company shut down, the original Nora team began to block chain in the product manager to Huang Sheng under the leadership of the beginning of the second pioneering journey, they launched a three-year project, the flow of ore (LLT) 8 2017 on the line with only 3 coins, 49 seconds to complete the 6000 million ICO subscription.

However, the failure of the spell has been shrouded in these elite heads on the internet. Block chain provides only temporary shelter for them, just completed the flow of ICO ore immediately ushered in the introduction of regulatory policies, ICO is regarded as illegal financing, the project had to return the token; in order not to let the years of effort on fire, the flow of ore team in November, issued the “mining hardware flow box”, the first batch of “flow box” officially opened grab beta qualifications, more than 100 thousand people make an appointment, in the final 1 minutes and 03 seconds were wiped out.

But in January 12, 2018, the Internet financial good times don’t last long, China Association released the “risk on the prevention of 1CO activity in disguise tips” pointed out that IMO (to mill as the core issue of virtual digital assets) mode is disguised 1CO activities, with particular reference to the issue of “thunder chain grams” this case, said it is essentially a kind of illegal financing behavior. Then, the flow of ore closed the mainland official transfer function, under the frame of the dragon net exchange LLT.

When the enterprise capital chain collapse, the plight of the entrepreneurs collective transformation, the block chain is undoubtedly their refuge, but how long can stay in the shelter, the good luck. 2018 2 Wang Xin was released from prison, 3 cloud song dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence and intelligent block chain related business, has received $3000 million investment Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund and IDG capital. In fact, in 2013 he had already planned to bitcoin concept into the P2P network, frustrated in the field of Internet Wang Xin, seems to look at the block chain to go farther.


As a technology, the blockchain is advanced, but when this technology in connection with the money, greed and wanton luck began to grow. Although it was born in the beautiful vision, but at this stage it is with the purpose of each in this industry, and more often these purposes is about financial freedom instead of the supremacy of faith.

Only those who attempt to seek the transformation of vitality, from hunbuxiaqu traditional industries to block chain, from the fire to heaven’s salvation, or from the frying pan into another “fire”?

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