By bitcoin ban threat, Russian bitcoin start-ups seek refuge abroad”

By bitcoin ban threat, Russian bitcoin start-ups seek refuge abroad”

According to CoinDesk reports, the Russian Ministry of Finance in October 3rd proposal for the use of bitcoin, including propaganda and behavior of other currencies such as the economic punishment, the draft for use, distribution, promotion, make a clear economic penalty standard. The government is facing the Russian authorities banned bitcoin and other virtual currency bitcoin related attitude, many companies have been forced to make the company moved to foreign countries to plan.

This bill is the Russian authorities third bitcoin show strong hostile attitude. As early as February of this year, the Russian Prosecutor General’s office issued a statement, expressly prohibit the use of bitcoin in Russia, the agency said in a news release, “bitcoin is a currency substitute, citizens and legal entities shall not be used.” Later, in August, the Russian Ministry of Finance announced in the government regulations on the site, is drafting the virtual currency bill, plans in 2015 to completely ban bitcoin and other digital currency.

Tolkachev & Partners long time since the Law Corporation has served as legal counsel for many regional start-up companies, the company services director Artem Tolkachev said, is now facing an imminent threat has prompted him to take the initiative to suggest the User Company moved to outside Russia more secure jurisdiction. He said, “the draft has been adopted, which means that bitcoin is illegal in Russia, so we can’t do anything. In fact, these companies may now only do is move to bitcoin more good regional jurisdiction.”

Now some bitcoin companies have begun to take action. Bitcoin ALFAcoins, CEO of Vladimir Chelpanov, the choice of the company placed in the British Virgin Islands, he said, “we are forced to transfer to the international market… … The current Russian bitcoin. Any company are not publicly involved in bitcoin business”. Another Russian bitcoin trading platform InterMoneyExchange Corp has now been registered in Belize, its founder Anton Vereshchagin to seek dialogue with the authorities and regulators, still pay close attention to the Russian market, he said, “I always hope for the best, and I was the worst may be ready. I hope I’m wrong, but now, this possibility is too low.”

Most Russian bitcoin related companies are doing hands ready, but there are also individual bitcoin companies want snatched from the jaws of death. This company called Intercoin Bank (ICB), advertised itself as the bitcoin bank, in August 29th launched the global bitcoin service platform, in the Russian Ministry of Finance issued a new warning before, about 700 registered users. ICB said that the company currently only for the Russian market, the legal team is working on these to find new ways of operating restrictions and fetters.

From the Russian authorities issued three warning content, is a step by step. 从最初2月份的通告,到8月份的计划15年彻底禁止,于近日草拟了具体经济惩罚措施,倘若比特币市场日后并未产生巨大的影响,比特币在俄罗斯被禁止基本已为定数。

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