By doing can audit the privacy of coins, Beam that digital currency can coexist with the existing economic system

Odaily earlier reported the daily planet Beam first project based on the MimbleWimble protocol, Beam has currently launched more than 2 months, the community development is good, in March 15th, Beam CEO Meet up China community activities held in Beijing, the current share Beam and answer the questions of community development.

The coexistence of Beam and the existing economic system

Beam CEO Alex said, Beam is the basic point of view, digital currency and real world currency concept is the same, they should be parallel, digital money can solve the shortcomings of the existing financial system. The purpose of Beam is to achieve 100% privacy, on the other hand, the user can also choose the part of the information disclosure, the Beam will be through the establishment of a selective audit, for individuals and companies to choose.

Privacy, community members and Beam, can not achieve 100% privacy, 100% is a very ideal state, that it can only solve 80% personal privacy. The situation that privacy issues must be the future direction is very important, relates to everyone’s problem.

Beam 2019 roadmap, 2019 team work will focus on “Beam” and “Beam compliance” two main lines, among them, the “Beam core” refers to the focus on the maintenance and improvement of the Beam token payment network, more reflected in the technical aspects, and the “Beam compliance” refers to the future, all selected in the Beam chain of compliance review and audit of the foundation, which is an important part of the Beam project, but also reflects the coexistence of Beam and part of the existing economic system.

To promote the coexistence of Beam and the existing economic system, the most important thing is to promote the Beam business and community application. At present, Beam is studying the implementation of lightning network technology based on MimbleWimble protocol, because bitcoin is different from the underlying protocol, which is currently still in active exploration, currently has completed the proof of concept; on the other hand, atom exchange Beam is trying to achieve part of the cross chain transaction expectations with the bitcoin network, two-way the exchange between BTC and Beam can not pass the third party.

The community for the future development of Beam concerns

The Beam community is active, strong sense of identity, but there are still some problems and worries about the future, hoping to solve. We took some questions and answers the event,

The application of Q:DAG technology, will lead to more and more Beam center?

A: a team who knows DAG, in the road map proposed DAG because we have this idea, but the roadmap is not the end of the period, will understand the community’s voice to adjust, currently there is no substantive progress for DAG.

Q:Beam launched a mobile version of Android and IOS wallet belongs to SPV instead of lightweight node wallet, so users do not understand the future of all nodes in the core value of a lot of wallet download lightweight wallet, lead to the decline in the number of nodes, which will cause the center of the trend, at the same time as the lightweight wallet transaction data will be concentrated in the whole node may be a stranger, a breach of privacy.

A: at this stage we released Android wallet and IOS are not all nodes on the mobile phone wallet, as for the future can not achieve full node, is also being investigated. But in the MimbleWimble protocol, even if all nodes know your address, you can only know the transaction, you will not be exposed to other information.

Q: privacy coins, there may be A to B money, B do not know whether or not to deny that received receive, how to solve this problem?

A: in the development of payment confirmation function, when the A to send B a transaction, A will receive a signature confirmation, B has received.

Q: it is understood that Beam need to negotiate, both parties in advance before the transfer is in trouble?

The A:Beam address is divided into temporary and permanent address address, temporary address is valid within 24 hours, more than 24 hours of automatic failure. Essentially, Beam at the time of transaction needs both transactions online at the same time, but also can be confirmed within 24 hours online, more than 24 hours without the confirmation will be returned to the original address, MimbleWimble protocol based transactions do not have to worry about lost money situation.

But we think that both sides need to complete the online transaction is a defect of MimbleWimble protocol. Because even though the whole node shows online, Chinese network port operators may be filtered, look online, in fact can not be traded.

Q: intelligent Beam contracts in the future there is no virtual machine or similar to ETH?

A does not support the intelligent characteristics of the current contract, may be considered in the future, there may be a mechanism by introducing the element to do this. May support assets Tonken the future, but the premise is that we first understand the privacy of Beam dollars, now the contract for Beam intelligent too early.

Other suggestions:

  • Try to download all nodes, instead of lightweight wallet;

  • Have a permanent address in the function, is not recommended in the transaction selection;

  • Remember to keep the wallet.db, once you are unable to restore deleted records, on the other hand, save wallet dB, even if the mnemonic is lost, can also have found coins.

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