Cambodian central bank to promote the block chain payment test

nnnPost Comment: Cambodia’s central bank recently through the local media revealed that the use of block-chain technology to develop interbank payment solutions. In order to achieve this goal, the bank began to cooperate with the chain chain start-up company in April, and the statement shows that this cooperation is developing steadily. But the bank also stressed that the current does not intend to develop digital money, or to focus on the application of technology on the system operation.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Cambodian central bank disclosed plans to continue using the chain chain to develop interbank payment solutions.n
nIn April, the National Bank of Cambodia announced the collaboration with Soramitsu, a Japanese branch-based operating company, to test the technology and expect a chain of chains in the central bank.n
nBank head Chea Serey currently tells the Phnom Penh Post that the job will continue:n
nn”At this stage, we will focus on the operational functions of the system, but we believe that the system can be further developed through application development, serving the (central) bank monetary policy, including the use of local currency.n
nnAccording to reports, she stressed that the central bank did not intend to develop its own digital currency, but through the interbank payment to face the technology (at least for now).n
nSerey explained that this approach will help to “smooth, efficient, secure and affordable interbank transactions, and ultimately will benefit end users.”n
nIt is reported that the central bank is using the super account Iroha, which is one of the block-chain plans of the Linux Foundation-led super-book project. Iroha is jointly developed by Soramitsu Joint Technology Company Calendar, NTT Data and Block Chain Startup Company Colu.n

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