Cambridge University emerging financial center research shows that: 67% of the central bank is testing the block chain technology

nn(CCAF) conducted the first global block chain benchmark study with VISA and professional services company Ernst u0026 Young (EY). The study shows that over the past few years, private and public sectors have been working on enterprise-class Block chains and distributed technology (DLT) have increased significantly. The report aims to document the rapid development of enterprise and public sector DLT ecosystems, while highlighting the governance, technical and economic issues that need to be addressed in releasing the full potential of chain chains and related systems.n
nTranslation: Clovern
The Cambridge University Emerging Financial Center (CCAF) conducted its first global block-chain benchmark study with VISA and professional services company Ernst u0026 Young (EY). The study said that over the past few years, enterprise-class block chains and distributed technology (DLT), with at least 115 DLT start-ups hiring more than two thousand employees, a number of large companies and public sector agencies focused on DLT.n
The study collected data from more than 200 DLT start-ups, mature businesses, central banks and other public sector agencies, and noted that at least 25 companies with encryption-focused companies have turned to DLT activities.n
The Cambridge Judge CCAF report is designed to document the rapid development of DLT ecosystems in the enterprise and public sector, while highlighting the governance, technology, and technology needed to address the full potential of chain zoning and related systems. Economic issues. The report was co-authored by CCAF researcher Dr. Garrick Hileman and CCAF assistant researcher Michel Rauchs.n
A section of the report specifically describes a survey of DLT activities in the public sector (including the central bank), which employs approximately more than 500 staff members to develop DLT projects within the organization. The survey results show that 67% of the central banks and 86% of other public sector agencies are conducting direct testing of the DLT agreement, of which 57% of the central banks have tested the ethernet code library – the public etherbase network, licensed version of the block chain, Or both.n
Dr. Garrick Hileman said:n
n”This is the first experience-based DLT study for businesses and the public sector, and the 100-page report contains the latest non-public data on ongoing projects in the DLT area, such as target use cases, emerging Revenue model, deployment time and remaining challenges. “n
nResearch highlights:n
nThe number of DLT start-ups has increased threefold since 2014, from 37 in 2014 to at least 115n
Approximately 47% of all enterprise DLT start-ups are located in North America (mainly US), followed by Europe (28%) and Asia Pacific (19%)n
Banks and the financial sector accounted for 30% of the reported DLT use cases, followed by government (13%), insurance (12

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