Can the future of bitcoin be able to continue its price myth?

The future of bitcoin, whether can continue its price myth?

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! For bitcoin, do not know how many people understand, before bitcoin is not valuable, but gradually from the price of bitcoin is not worth a hair, then soared to 2 million dollars bitcoin is the highest peak, and from that time on the way down, then until now, if bitcoin recently the also fell very powerful, I believe that everyone in the Internet to see a lot of bitcoin crash information, however, fall bitcoin what is the reason?

In fact, over the years, bitcoin as a block chain derivative, has been very much in the aura of the body, but the time past, bitcoin aura has not had so far, after all, a digital currency is now available on the market more and more coins of the same type, and the price very low, as investors, we can imagine why the same type of thing not to choose cheaper? Why choose to like the price of bitcoin digital currency?

Now gradually bitcoin continuous collapse of bitcoin investment also let a lot of people have lost confidence, if bitcoin’s future is still very poor, after all, these so-called halo has ceased to exist, so the future may have a digital currency to replace the other, now bitcoin status or that the digital currency gradually became rare, but are becoming the norm.

After all, the block chain technology has been gradually mature, can be said to be very much about some products block chain technology to do it, now, block chain technology has become less mysterious, in fact, now this piece of digital currency is now the market to play bad, we can see the individual can find the so-called digital currency, so that in the future, perhaps the so-called digital currency is a terrible scam. The value of the investment brought the so-called stable and did not give any person.

We can see from the situation now bitcoin can be seen now, bitcoin plunged, as evidenced by a lot of people have lost confidence in bitcoin, or some big players behind the debt bitcoin at the beginning of the cut chives, then once bitcoin continued falling, how many people will I believe that bitcoin created Utopia?

So it may be a state into a dead end in the future bitcoin is, after all, as a technology, the block chain itself is a very good idea, but now the so-called digital currency circle block chain this technology to play to reach the acme of perfection, all kinds of digital currency in the market and is it really a trend, why do we see these large Internet Co, but not to participate in the so-called digital currency, but do some research block chain technology in place, which is enough to prove that the currency of the future is still very worrying!

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