Can the human vein be realized, too? “Delink” hopes to cut into the social track of the workplace by sharing the data accumulated by the headhunters

Last week, our reporter team and the operations team to PK who “really WeChat friends”, while the score deadlocked, HR has been quietly took out his mobile phone instantly, the end of the battle.

Sure enough, the real “contacts” as the core of human resources.

The most common reflection network scene is realizing the value of the job (occasionally blind ~). However, whether human or headhunter, to help enterprises in the recruitment, had to face a big problem: the result oriented. Here said the “results oriented” means (based on the network the most just need to search for example) connected to a senior position, might want to see hundreds of resumes, dozens of phone, with a dozen candidates, eventually screened a recommend the most suitable to the enterprise. Even if this person did not “put Dove”, the smooth entry, but a large number of search “process” and will not be admitted.

Odaily the daily planet recent exposure to the center of the value of social networking platform Delink , hope based on the recruitment scene, contacts through the relevant information on the chain, the value of the data from the center of the network platform to return data contributors, and more safe and efficient circulation.

According to the Chilean Consulting Research Report, 2017 Chinese human resource service industry in total revenues of 1 trillion and 440 billion yuan. Pay attention to this market, understand the industry pain points, and optimistic about the block chain solution and a lot of people. Only “blockchain + workplace” subdivision circuit, we reported in the past the center of the job hunting community chain, will the recruitment process and talent information chain, focusing on the zipper JOB occupation credit files and digital assets, chain letter to the center of the real name network AVATAR Network, the occupation identity of human resources on credit chain occupation chain CTEChain.

We believe that, compared to traditional giants not chain, this kind of project the biggest competitiveness lies in data partners. Because the job needs low-frequency C end users in order to obtain several uncertain value token, active power is not upload personal information. First at the pain point obvious headhunting group, with the accumulation of vast amounts of data platform for cooperation and hot start, is such a platform “right into position”.

The cornerstone of Delink investor Zhao Yangxian, who founded the headhunting company “people-oriented management mechanism” and the freedom of occupation integrated service platform “love staff”. At the same time, Delink has been with the headhunting service platform hunting online, human resources, human resources and core group service providers poly hunting, headhunters Moscow reached cooperation. Therefore, the partners of tens of millions of network of information can batch migrate to the distributed server Delink, into data assets.

Since no worries about the data source, the so-called “the value of the data returned to the data producer” specifically how to implement? According to the LIAN Delink and CEO Li Yinuo, the data from the chain to chain transfer of the whole process is as follows:

  • First of all, upload by headhunters have had contact with people seeking information, the platform will recommend headhunter attach comments. Search every upload a resume, get a DELC (Delink token). Headhunters recommend Delink to job seekers, job seekers to confirm my personal information platform, which officially activated personal digital asset account, and get more DELC. The evaluation and certification of the comment, the user search behavior of relatives and friends will be awarded the DELC prize. Information and modify the action will be recorded on the chain, and with the credit system, strengthen the authenticity of the data.

  • Users can customize the personal information rights and prices, such as in the non job stage, can resume pricing in high or open contact, to prevent harassment. If you want to see the human search or resume, pay DELC, and distributed to stakeholders according to a certain proportion (such as the first upload this information to search, certified label once contacts).

The economic model in more detail, remains to be determined. From the background of the Internet that Li Yinuo, Delink need to go through from the center to gradually transition to the center of the first, the accumulation of data, to verify the model, iterative APP in POC stage, 3-6 months later, and then deploy the contract DAPP.

The product level, including Delink search, IM, network revenue, name card four plates. Since the beginning of September registered online, thousands of users search, APP official version will be released this month. The Delink also includes recent plans to hold the line conference, announced the signing partners and operation nodes, aggregation of human resource practitioners, and gradually extended to all users of the workplace.

First catch from headhunting, recruitment services tangential ideas similar to workplace social background from Linkedin Human Trust Protocol.

Technology, Delink and domestic “Bubbe” public chain BUMO cooperation. Delink and BUMO are the same as Kai Fu capital investment case. Li Yinuo said, BUMO in the side chain, fees, business model, support and advice, so the two sides will jointly establish cooperation and development division and node access standards.

According to reports, in May this year, completed 20 million yuan Delink round of financing from Kai Fu foundation capital, industry capital.

The existing team of nearly 40, from Jingdong, financial capital, industry companies such as ofo, base and Changsha in Beijing. Arnold Lee, a former general manager of Sohu, Sohu national channel mobile commercial products, senior director of WeMedia new media business group VP, more than ten years of design, the Internet business model of marketing management experience. The chief scientist Guo Yibin, former dean of Institute of management, Pratt & Whitney chief architect, Baidu, Tencent, senior engineers, more than 15 years of development experience.

I am Odaily senior editor of the daily planet Hao Fangzhou, block chain quality projects for reports, plus nooxika, please note Name + company + subject.

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