Canada: financial technology start-up companies launched bitcoin payment function

According to 11 released April 29’s press release said: Canadian mobile payments company Glance Technologies Inc. added bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC) as a means of payment support.

The company’s announcement that the new function of bitcoin payment users to their encrypted currency wallet with their Glance account and then use the Pay pairing, bitcoin exchange Glance dollars, and this money can be spent on internal businesses, businesses use Glance system to receive payment.

As the publisher claimed, use their internal token as payment intermediary currency, can achieve fast payment of lightning.

Glance Technologies CEO Desmond Griffin in a press release stressed that the company is focused on the sustainable development of the payment industry, to ensure that our platform is in the forefront of technology. He added:

The use of bitcoin payment allows Glance users to unlock their encryption and the value of the assets for use in daily life in them, while seamlessly opened a new way to pay for the business.

Canada’s major jewelry manufacturer and retailer Birks Group recently through the encrypted payment processor BitPay cooperation with the United States, began to accept bitcoin.

Earlier this week, CT reported that the U.S. state of Ohio will be the first to accept bitcoin payment, according to the report is completed through BitPay, this way was originally only open for business, and ultimately to declare personal open.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $4278 in the past 24 hours increased by only less than 1%.

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