Canadian police remind citizens to beware of the bitcoin swindle to expose the common currency fraudulent routines

2018 the second half of the year, although there is currency circle dispute, and the Macao bit wise, BCH bifurcation during bitcoin crash, causing dominoes, a plurality of digital currency to accelerate the return to zero. The bitcoin scam is still in the emerging United States, Australia, Holland, more than bitcoin fraud cases. Recently, the Canadian police remind the public to guard against the new bitcoin scam. Bianews news December 13th, according to CBC reports, police in Edmonton said in a statement Wednesday warned of rising public rate of fraud, and fraud to obtain funds from emerging victims there by bitcoin and other encryption currency.

The network crime investigation department Tuyen Nguyen said that although the gift card was the preferred method of payment, but fraud is now increasingly require payment by bitcoin and other forms of electronic transfer.

After a lot of investors to 110 bit feedback, after the coin ring into the depth of the bear market, led to bitcoin digital currency investment money more difficult, but some investors still hunters quilt at a high level, unable to release out. Then the emergence of various types of high-yield digital currency, the project boasts 45 double day and so on, hold up to attract these new tokens for leek back to this opportunity, some other transaction mining, tokens consumption return integral gimmick also successfully make a new batch of leek approach. However, these are just the project changes in the pattern to continue to defraud, after investors bring real money out, liar run away lost, investors can not get lost.

After the summary, the current bitcoin scam in the international society common routines are the following:

1, social software fraud posing as gangster

This is the typical 11 months, pushing large V accounts hacked a number of certification, and then changed to Google or musk name, publicity bitcoin scam, many Twitter users did not identify fake accounts, bitcoin into making coins found after being. The amount of fraud has been more than millions of dollars.

2, phishing fraud

This is a liar fake a regular trading site and site of ordinary investors as like as two peas, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. After the famous exchange currency Security said in a front page to alert the user website domain name is correct, then input your password and password provided currency trading. This case has the old routines in the international community, investors in the transaction to confirm the official website of the true and false, beware of the token stolen by criminals.

3, OTC.

Some criminals that can get cheap trick users of bitcoin, otc. Defensive and even some liar a beautiful picture to low investors, private chat through closer relationship, puts forward to want to play money to send you past currency requirements. If at this time you can let down on the other side of the set, once the money to fight over immediately pulled the black, the phone is disconnected, the alarm may not filing because the amount is too small, and finally only zirendaomei.

4, futures futures fraud mills

Had remained at a high price in bitcoin, bitcoin mining machine through earned income is very high, when a vehicle or vehicle to Avalon fried ants tens of thousands of yuan a. This type of machine is in good times, because of the order quantity and stock, need to order in advance. This is the origin of its futures, customers pay in advance, after a month or a period of time to receive the goods. But at present, some criminals take advantage of this feature, the retail investors hope that through mining psychological riches, from the first to receive part of the money after.

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