Canadian regulators approved the listing of the first blockchain ETF in the region

nRunaway Comment: Following the listing of the first blockchain ETFs in the United States last month, Canada is also accelerating the product development process. Today, the Ontario Securities Commission in Canada has approved the listing of Canada’s first blockchain ETF, and other companies are also working on similar products. From the current situation, 2018 may have more countries and regions allow blockchain ETF trading.n
nTranslation: Inan
Ontario Securities Commission Canada has approved the listing of Canada’s first blockchain ETF, which will be launched this week on the Toronto Stock Exchange.n
Harvest Portfolios, a Canadian independent investment management company, submitted preliminary documents for its blockchain technology ETF in January to provide Canadian investors an opportunity to invest in blockchain technology.n
A statement from Harvest Portfolios said the fund will “invest in the issuer’s shares that directly or indirectly relate to the development and implementation of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.” The company intends to enable the ETF to track blockchain technology projects to reflect its blockchain technology index.n
The two other Canadian companies, First Trust Portfolios Canada and Evolve Funds Group, are also seeking to issue blockchain funds and submit their first prospectus to regulators this week, according to The Globe and Mail.n
First Trust has released blockchain ETFs in the U.S. market. The company said launching its ETF in Canada based on the Indxx blockchain index is a product of customer demand.n
Karl Cheong, head of ETF at First Trust, told The Globe:n
n”Every time we talk to customers, whether we are talking about Canadian equities or US equities, the topic inevitably extends to blockchain or bitcoin.”n
nEvolve Funds said its planned blockchain ETF will be the first “management-positive” product for Canadian investors. The product will enable the company to “seize new opportunities in the industry.”n
The company said in a statement that the fund will invest “in the issuer’s stock that is being researched, developed or used in blockchain technology, or in the supply chain of blockchain applications (including technical hardware).”n
According to previous reports, the first blockchain ETFs in the United States were listed last month on the NASDAQ and NYSE Arca.n

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