Cannabis Wire will set up the editorial room on the decentralized news platform Civil

nDuring the runaway commentary: The decentralized news platform Civil aims to spread high-quality news based on the advantages of the blockchain, make the content free from advertising and political influence, and store content in a tamper-proof manner to ensure news quality. This new mechanism has already attracted some traditional media. For example, “Cannabis Wire,” which focuses on the cannabis industry report, has reached cooperation with Civil. It will establish a newsroom on this platform to provide people with more objective and useful information. .n
nTranslation: Inan
Cannabis Wire, a publication focused on the cannabis industry, will establish a newsroom on the blockchain news platform Civil.n
According to Civil’s announcement, the “Cannabis Wire” newsroom is designed to provide different types of content for large consumers such as individual consumers and farms, legislatures, and lobby agencies.n
Alyson Martin, co-founder of “Cannabis Wire,” said:n
n“We are advancing a more objective standard to report on the cannabis industry responsibly. Many people are still unclear about the scope of cannabis and its multiple effects on people.”n
nThe mechanism promoted by Civil can motivate employees of the newsroom of “Cannabis Wire” to disseminate high quality news by posting content on its decentralized platform. Readers use cryptocurrency payments to read content, and the system eliminates the need for advertisers and avoids political influence.n
This newsroom is managed by community members using Civil’s ERC-20 “CVL” tokens. In addition, the platform claims that its files are tamper-proof because all content is stored on a distributed ledger.n
Last October, Civil’s decentralized newsroom received funding from ConsenSys, a blockchain development company, for US$5 million. According to reports, Civil said at the time that half of this money will be used to develop services.n
Although Civil is still in the development stage and the success of this newsroom operation is not yet clear, it has already signed cooperation agreements with at least five publications, including “Cannabis Wire,” based on the content on the Civil website.n

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