Careful! Why bitcoin in less than a year down nearly 80% evaporation 1 trillion?

Why bitcoin fell nearly less than a year 80% evaporation One Trillion? This is from the bitcoin own speaking.

What is the BCH?

BCH is based on the block chain assets Bitcoin ABC scheme. The Bitcoin ABC scheme in order to maintain the stability of Segwit protocol is simple, the removal function, support will enhance the block size to 8M, is a chain of technical route expansion. Bitcoin ABC code stable version of the bitcoin protocol based on improved, its that does not contain the Segwit will have the stability, safety, greater robustness, is the current bitcoin bitcoin protocol and system backup, 8 2017 1, since the 21:16:14 (GMT+8), which blocks with high degree of 478558, BTC and BCH chain has been officially separated successfully.

What is hard branch?

In April 2018, BCH released an interim community development roadmap, said it would carry out technological upgrading and improvement of BCH. Which mainly includes two aspects: One is the expansion That will block size to 32MB (completed in May); One is to add or re activate several bitcoin script operation code (OP code), such as OP_CAT, OP_AND, OP_OR etc.. The reason for expansion, BCH can handle more transactions faster, improve the user experience, so as to expand the BCH user group; Add and activate the new OP code, is to make BCH network with intelligent applications like Ethernet contract square, which extended BCH more applications.

In a nutshell hard block chain refers to the bifurcation of the permanent differences in the new consensus rules after the release, no upgrade node cannot verify part has upgraded the node production block, usually rigid bifurcation occurs.

Let’s see, what is this wave crash reason?

Point 1: the relationship between supply and demand

Now the breakdown of mining cost price, in fact, it is an important index of monetary assets.

Why do I say that? Because only one: the relationship between supply and demand, mainly to see the number of chips, chips, the money stock increment of stock funds, incremental funding.

Point 2: change the relationship between supply and demand

In a word: the breakdown of the cost price will greatly reduce the digital currency supply, which will inhibit the supply. When the machine sold on the pounds of this news, must play 12 spirit pay attention to digital currency market.

Prices will also stimulate the demand and admission outside the capital. Because the warehouse cost has been greatly reduced. Prices will stimulate demand. Must have a lot to hunters who have ready to. But I have visual 20% decline. It’s not too late to stabilize.

In fact, the supply of reduced prices, will stimulate demand, in addition: there are 1 and a half years time, bitcoin will halve again.

3 points: the main contradiction between supply and demand

Once the relationship between supply and demand is changed, is the main contradiction. So the relationship between supply and demand. I look at the main digital chips, chips, the money stock increment of stock funds, incremental funding. Mining loss increment chips was severely suppressed. The stock of chips or flesh or sell (bear Fukui). Coupled with the bitcoin production again is uncertain events. The incremental funds are hunters (greed) stimulation. These effects together, bitcoin may be the best investment targets.

Remind friends, high risk of virtual digital currency, cautious admission.

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